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Are you interested in elevating your Grand Haven property to new heights while reducing energy costs? Have you been frequently looking up “window installation near me” online? Well, the search ends here!

With over 30 years of experience, WMGB Home Improvement has been a reliable choice for home remodeling services in Grand Haven, Norton Shores, Wyoming, Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, and the surrounding areas. Our team of experts is dedicated to transforming your house into a cozy and energy-efficient space. Trust us to bring your vision to life and enhance the comfort and appeal of your home!

If you’re tired of drafty windows that make your home too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, we’re here to help with our Grand Haven window installation services.

Upgrade your windows today and experience the benefits of improved energy efficiency. Our skilled team offers a variety of window solutions, including egress windows, glass block windows, and more, to create a visually appealing living environment.

Place your trust in our knowledgeable team at WMGB Home Improvement, who will accompany you throughout the entire process, offering expert guidance and support. Together, let’s unlock the boundless possibilities of energy savings, all while crafting a living space that harmoniously blends beauty and functionality. With our expertise, you can achieve a home that not only functions flawlessly but also dazzles with its stunning design. Experience the perfect fusion of style and practicality!

Transform Your Home with WMGB Home Improvement

Here at WMGB Home Improvement, we are the leading installers of egress windows in Grand Haven. With professional window replacement, you can beautify and add value to your home.

We have been installing windows for over 30 years and have earned a reputation for providing superior service and excellent products, so you can trust our team of experts to provide premier service and excellent products.

Discover the exceptional home improvement services at WMGB Home Improvement, designed to address the specific challenges residents in Grand Haven face.

Our team is fully committed to delivering personalized service, ensuring outstanding quality and skill in every project. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a more energy-efficient, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing space.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and take the first step towards achieving your home improvement goals! Experience the advantages of our window installation services in Grand Haven and enjoy the benefits of reduced energy costs.

Grand Haven Services We Provide

Alside Casement over awnings compressor

In addition to providing high-quality egress window systems, we are your one-stop shop for all of your home improvement needs. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing one, we can manage the project from start to finish. Regardless of the home improvement service we provide, our number one priority is keeping your home safe, secure and clean. Other services we provide in Grand Haven include:

Dedication and Commitment

A home improvement project is a complex task and one that requires a qualified team of professionals that you know you can trust. To be successful, the project requires a working relationship between you and your remodeler that needs to be built on trust. 

Our hard work ensures that we achieve this type of relationship with each of our clients. As members in good standing of the Local First, our hard-earned reputation speaks for itself. Our repeat customers and referrals base their choices on our certifications, licenses and insurance. Additionally, we have an A+ rating with the BBB and are top-rated performers on Angie’s List.

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Contact us today at 616-205-9568 to find out more about egress window systems and home improvement in Grand Haven. You can also use our convenient online request form to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.


Window installation general price ranges can be provided. However, it’s essential to note that with a general estimate, prices may vary based on specific requirements and the chosen window installation provider.

If you’re curious about the exact cost of your project, reach out to our window installation experts at WMGB Home Improvement. They’ll be more than happy to provide you with a personalized quote based on your unique needs.

In Michigan’s diverse seasons, the best window type for optimal performance and energy efficiency is a double-pane window with Low-E glass and gas fill, such as argon or krypton. These windows provide excellent insulation, preventing heat transfer and maintaining a consistent indoor temperature. They also block harmful UV rays and reduce condensation, ensuring comfort throughout the year. 

For reliable and energy-efficient window installations in Grand Haven and the surrounding areas, WMGB Home Improvement offers a wide selection of high-quality windows to suit your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Several factors come into play when considering windows for your Grand Haven home. Some popular window types include double-hung, casement, and picture windows. 

Double-hung windows offer versatility with both top and bottom sashes that can open, allowing for improved ventilation. Casement windows provide an unobstructed view and create an airtight seal when closed. Picture windows, on the other hand, are fixed windows that offer expansive views and maximize natural light. 

To determine the ideal window types for your specific requirements and aesthetics, consult our experts specializing in Grand Haven window installations today.

Yes, WMGB Home Improvement can certainly install glass sliding doors for your Grand Haven home!

Glass sliding doors are a popular choice for homeowners who value natural light and a seamless transition between spaces. Whether you’re leaning into patio, French, or sliding glass doors, our experienced team can provide professional installation services tailored to your needs. 
For quality Grand Haven window installations, WMGB Home Improvement is your trusted partner. Contact us today to discuss your glass sliding door requirements and schedule a free consultation.

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