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Blown insulation is an effective and easy remedy for a poorly insulated attic or walls. In fact, the US Department of Energy recommends that Western Michigan attics be insulated with R-49 or higher insulation. The average attic is R-20 or lower.

WMGB offers blown-in insulation for your Grand Rapids, MI home that can help lower your heating and cooling bills and improve your home comfort. Learn more about how blown-in attic insulation or wall insulation can benefit you.

The Benefits of Blown-In Insulation

If you’re familiar with any kind of insulation, you’re likely familiar with fiberglass batts—the rolls of “pink stuff” that you might notice if you poke your head up into your attic. The problem with batts is that they can easily be installed improperly, and they’re particularly difficult to correctly install in crevices or hard to reach areas.

In comparison, blown-in insulation is much more malleable and can be used to easily insulate the tight or hard-to-reach areas of your home. There are two types of blown insulation: cellulose and fiberglass. They both have about the same blown-in insulation R-value.

How and Where is Blown-In Insulation Installed?

Loose fill blown-in insulation is often used on attic floors, offering a thick layer of protection between your home’s finished and unfinished spaces. When it’s densely packed, experienced insulation contractors can use blown-in insulation in your walls, blowing the insulation into small drilled holes that make upgrades easy and don’t require massive renovations to your home.

Blown insulation can be used by itself, or in combination with existing insulation (the latter being more common). After the installation is complete, there is no maintenance or upkeep involved.

It’s Important to Air Seal When You Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation

Air sealing is often used in conjunction with blown-in insulation. Air leaks can account for much of a home’s energy loss. Heated air from the living space below rises up through the holes and gaps around pipes, electrical wiring, and lighting fixtures. The heated air then escapes up through your roof. By sealing the air leaks you decrease heat loss and maximize the performance of your blown-in insulation.

Stay Warm & Save Money with Blown-In Insulation

Worried about what you’ll spend in blown-in insulation costs? The WMGB experts can evaluate your wall or attic insulation and recommend the best way for you to move forward. Unlike other blown-in insulation contractors, we’ll take the time to perform a healthy home assessment and home energy audit to pinpoint the exact areas of your home that need work, and will go over any insulation rebates or home performance incentives (like the Holland Home Energy Program) that can lower blown-in insulation pricing for your home and make energy efficiency upgrades more affordable.

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