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Replacing your home’s old, drafty windows with beautiful, energy-efficient Grand Rapids replacement windows from WMGB Home Improvement is a very smart investment! Here are five great reasons to install replacement windows in your home.

Cut Monthly Heating and Cooling Bills by Up to One-Third

Old, inefficient windows are responsible for draining as much as 30 percent more energy from your HVAC system throughout the year. Due to poor glazing, frames, or fillers on old windows, the hot or cool air that your air conditioning system works so hard to create simply escapes through these spaces. This makes maintaining the temperature in your home much more difficult and causes your HVAC system to work hard to replace the air that’s leaking out through and around your windows. This wasted energy is reflected in your energy bill and can create quite a high figure over time. Installing new, more efficient windows is an excellent way to both combat this waste of energy and to save some serious cash over the course of a year.

Stay Warmer All Winter and Cooler All Summer

By installing replacement windows to fight back against the heat loss and heat gain that raise your energy costs throughout the year, you’ll also find that you’re making your home an overall more comfortable place. The same cracks and inefficient window construction that hike up your monthly heating and cooling bill also lead to drafts in your home. Cool air will escape during the hot summer months while heat invades your home, and heat escapes your home during winter using the same principles, leaving you with less than optimal temperatures in both cases. Investing in new windows with low-E glass is a good place to start with combating heat transfer within your home.

Reduce Exterior Noise Infiltration

If your windows are less than airtight, then heat likely isn’t the only uninvited guest you’re receiving. Noise infiltration is a serious issue for homes that have old, poorly installed, or otherwise less than ideal windows. Of course, upgrading to just any new windows may not remedy this issue unless you’re paying attention to the details that matter most. One of the most crucial variables for windows when it comes to controlling noise is the material surrounding the window itself. Typically, your options will consist of:

  • Metal frames
  • Wood frames
  • Vinyl frames

Eliminate Window Maintenance

Wood and vinyl windows are more effective at blocking noise than windows with metal frames, but only one of these materials can boast practically maintenance-free performance. Not only do forward-thinking vinyl windows reduce the amount of energy waste your home sees each year, but they also never require repainting, which will be a huge relief for those who’ve been struggling to keep wooden window frames presentable over the years. They’re a practical replacement that reduces noise and energy costs, as well as the time and energy you spend on keeping your home looking its best.

Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or you simply want a fresher, more impressive look, making some much-needed exterior improvements should be among your top concerns. Updating your windows is a great and easy way to bring a home’s old, outdated exterior into the new century. Enhancing your curb appeal can seem complicated on the surface, but it can be as simple as finding new, beautiful windows to serve as your home’s exterior focal point. Updating dingy frames to brighter, newer models never fails to create a good impression. Additionally, adding a bit of color to your home via bright window frames is never a bad idea, either. Installing replacement windows in your home gives you a unique opportunity to add a bit of personal flair to your curb appeal while giving your home the makeover it deserves.

Make the call to WMGB Home Improvement today to start the process of upgrading your tired old windows with new, energy-efficient replacement windows.

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Everyone was pleasant to work with. They did a quality job at a reasonable price.
Gail W
I just had basement windows installed and they look great The light brightens up the space.
Nicholas Graham

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