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Widen Your View with Bay and Bow Windows

Bay window in dinning room

WMGB Home Improvement is the region’s premier installer of bay and bow windows in the Grand Rapids and Western Michigan area. Bay and bow windows can beautify your living space and let in lots of natural light to complement any style of home. Thanks to the protruding nature of these windows, you can expand the look and feel of any room in your home without costly renovations and wall demolition.

A Beautiful Way to Enhance Home Value

Designed to add beauty and efficiency to any space, we give you a choice of bay or bow windows for your home. Each offers a unique look and style. What’s the difference?

The Difference Between Bay and Bow Window Styles

While they may seem familiar at first, there are actually quite a few differences between bay and bow windows, especially when it comes to style. Understanding these differences is a must if you want to make the best decision for your new upgrade. The main differences include:

  • Bay windows are much larger than most bow windows. Bay windows jut out from the house to form a square, hexagonal or octagonal space with a series of windows. Bow windows create a more gentle curve and use a set of casement windows.
  • Because bay windows jut out, they require more space than bow windows. This is an important detail for anyone looking to install a bay or bow window near the property line.
  • Since bay windows jut out, they add more interior floor space to your home when installed.
  • Bow windows contain less architectural clutter than bay windows and therefore let in a bit more natural light.
  • Typically, bow windows do not open due to their unique shape, while bay windows act like normal windows and may be opened at any time.

While bay and bow windows are similar, these fundamental differences mark how they operate quite differently within a home. Each has its pros and cons to consider your home and should be considered closely before making a final decision.

Bay Windows

Bay windows generally consist of three window panels arranged in a box-like extension from your home, creating additional space that can be used as shelving or even a window seat. A bay window arrangement often features a large picture window in the center, flanked by double-hung or casement windows for ventilation.

Bay Window Benefits

Bay windows have long been a prominent element in elegant home designs worldwide and have long been beloved for the classy touch they can add to any room. They’re beautiful, act as a focal point for any room, and offer a unique appeal that simply can’t be matched by most other window styles. However, there are more benefits to the average bay window than looks, such as:

  • Natural Lighting: the panoramic view offered by bay windows allows more light into your home. This not only makes spaces seem bigger but allows you to use sunlight to keep your home bright throughout the day rather than relying on electricity.
  • Excellent Ventilation: unlike bow windows, bay windows can be opened because they are a series of regular windows. Simply open your bay windows to air out your home and allow a fresh breeze inside at any time.
  • More Floor Space: because bay windows protrude from your home, their installation involves adding more floor space to the room you’ve chosen. This serves as an excellent place for box seats, small table settings, displays, house plants, and more. Regardless of what you choose to put in the space, your home’s value will thank you for the extra square footage.
  • Boosted Curb Appeal: bay windows are elegant, charming, and sure to draw the eye of a passerby. Installing a bay window in the right place in your home is a great way to give your home’s exterior the boost it deserves while you enjoy more space and natural lighting inside.

Bay windows are elegant and offer your home a unique twist that will set it apart from the others. Additionally, they are highly functional and offer your home benefits such as ventilation that your typical bow window might have a hard time matching.

Bow Windows

Bow windows also extend from the exterior of your home but do so in a gentle arch. Bow windows typically are made up of four to eight window panels, usually double-hung or casement style. You can choose to have all of the windows functional for opening and closing or select just the end units for ventilation.

The addition of bay or bow vinyl replacement windows in Grand Rapids, MI, can improve the “curb appeal” of your home. Here at WMGB Home Improvement, we believe the hallmark of a great window is the installation’s quality. But it also has a lot to do with the product being installed. For that reason, we are proud to use only the best manufacturers in the window industry, Simonton and Alside.

Founded in 1985, our family-owned and operated company is proud to install our own windows without hiring subcontractors. This means you get personalized attention to detail on every bow or bay window that we install.

Your neighbors have been choosing our company for window replacement in Muskegon, MI, for more than 30 years because we treat every client like family, giving you an unmatched installation quality coupled with competitive prices.

Bay window over deck

Founded in 1985, our family-owned and operated company is proud to install our own windows, without hiring subcontractors. This means you get personalized attention to detail on every bow or bay window that we install.

Your neighbors have been choosing our company for window replacement in Muskegon MI for more than 30 years because we treat every client like family, giving you unmatched quality of installation coupled with competitive prices.

Bow Window Benefits

Like bay windows, bow windows have a long list of benefits to consider. The biggest difference between bay and bow windows is, of course, the shape. Bow windows provide a softer, arguably more elegant curve, a distinction that many see as a benefit. Some other benefits associated with installing bow windows in your home include:

  • Exterior Space: because bow windows do not protrude as much as bay windows, they require less outside space for installation. This is excellent for those who are looking to install statement-making windows near their property line.
  • More Natural Light: because bow windows generally have less architectural clutter than bay windows, they tend to let in more natural light, giving your interior space the illusion of being larger and allowing you to enjoy more sun throughout the day
  • Curb Appeal: bow windows provide an elegant, classy appeal to any home exterior and can completely transform how your home looks. Their more compact design reduces the chance that they’ll intrude on your landscaping, too, while still providing a remarkable addition to your home’s overall look.
  • Sitting Space: though they don’t create as much interior space as bay windows, bow windows still provide an excellent opportunity to create eye-catching indoor box sitting areas where you can enjoy the natural light the windows let in.

By providing a remarkable amount of natural light and a compact yet classy shape and appearance, bow windows set themselves apart from bay windows and other window styles as a go-to option for homes of all shapes and sizes. Learn more about how bow windows will improve your home both inside and out by exploring your options with our trained and knowledgeable professionals today.

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