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Duct Sealing in Muskegon and the Surrounding Areas

If you have forced air heating and cooling HVAC systems in your home, then you might be aware of ducts in your house, often in your walls and basement, that deliver conditioned air to your living spaces. But did you know that ENERGY STAR estimates that 30-40% of the air pushed through these ducts is lost due to holes, badly connected ducts, and general leaks in the system? 

WMGB Home Improvement offers duct sealing services for homes in Muskegon, Grand Rapids, and the surrounding areas that can help you minimize energy waste and heat loss, pay less to heat and cool your home, and breathe healthier indoor air.

Common Signs of Duct Sealing Problems

Some of the most common signs of duct sealing issues can present themselves in different ways, including:

  • Rooms that are uncomfortable, feel stuffy
  • High summer and winter utility bills
  • Rooms that are hard to heat
  • Rooms that feel freezing all the time
  • The floor is some rooms is colder than others

Duct Sealing Benefits for Healthier Air in Your Home

With professional duct sealing for home comfort and energy efficiency, you can see a significant improvement in the efficiency and operation of your HVAC system.

With the right HVAC duct sealing methods, more of your conditioned air will make it to your home’s living spaces, and less will be wasted and escape into attics, crawlspaces, and other unfinished areas of your home. These areas of your home are often some of the dirtiest, and leaky ducts can also introduce air pollutants into your breathing air. Indoor air quality, or IAQ, and duct sealing go hand in hand, so if you’re wondering if duct sealing is worth it, ask yourself: how interested are you in saving money and creating a healthier indoor environment?

WMGB Home Improvement Can Help!

One of the biggest issues with fixing duct sealing issues is getting to the problem! Ducts are often found in the crawlspaces and hard to reach parts of the attic, and it can be hard to find where the issue is located, let alone seal your ductwork from the inside, like the professionals do it. As a leading duct sealing company, WMGB can help you with not only insulation services but ductwork upgrades in Muskegon and the surrounding areas so that you can rest easy knowing you’ve got your ductwork maintenance taken care of and you’ve fixed your leaking air ducts.

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Excellent work. The entire experience could not have been better, from the estimate to the installation.
David W
WMGB did a GREAT job with installing our window. I would highly recommend them.
Scot Squires

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