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Crawl Space Encapsulation


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An unfinished crawl space in your Grand Rapids home might not be something you think about often, but it can be the source of real problems in your home, wasting energy and making your living spaces uncomfortable. With crawl space encapsulation for your Michigan house, your finished crawl space can help create a healthier living space and a more energy-efficient home for you and your family.

WMGB is a crawl space encapsulation contractor serving West Michigan with a number of solutions to crawl space problems that can properly seal your crawl space and protect your home.

Before and after crawl space encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits

  • Lower energy bills – studies show that homeowners can realize savings of 15% in their energy bills
  • Increased comfort – no more cold floors above your crawl space
  • Improved air quality – an encapsulated crawl space can reduce or eliminate moisture-related mold issues and musty smells in your home

Heat loss often occurs at the top and very bottom of your home, which is why attic insulation and crawl space encapsulation are both very important components of an energy efficient home. Sealing and insulating your crawl space can help you get rid of cold floors on the bottom level of your home in the winter, and can reduce unhealthy air pollutants like mold, dirt, and dust from circulating in your breathing air.

How to Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

There are a series of steps required to properly encapsulate your Grand Rapids, MI crawl space. Our highly-trained installers can recommend the right methods and types of encapsulation for your crawl space.

Before we begin, we will determine whether the current condition of your crawl space is ready for an encapsulation project. For example, if there are unaddressed water issues, you’ll want to address these problems before proceeding with encapsulation.

Apply a Vapor Barrier

The first part of the encapsulation is applying a plastic liner to the ground of the crawl space, separating the moisture of the earth from the house.

Air Seal

Once sealed with the liner, the crawlspace is then air sealed. Significant amounts of air from the outside will leak into a typical crawl space, chilling the floors in the winter time. These leaks are also a path for humid air in the summertime to enter and exacerbate any moisture issues. Trained installers find and seal these leaks.

Install Insulation

Finally, there are different types and methods for insulation and we’ll recommend a crawl space insulation option that is best for your specific situation and budget. We will also apply insulation and the proper seals to exterior access doors of the crawl space.

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