3 Common Areas to Install Insulation in Your Home

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As temperatures continue to drop, it is paramount to know how you can save money and energy this season. One of the easiest ways to gain energy savings and make your home comfortable is by identifying areas where you can insulate your home. Home insulation in Grand Rapids, MI, works by sealing air pockets that regulate the flow of temperature through your structure. This makes your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Insulation in Your Home

Without proper insulation, warm or cold air can escape from your home, wasting energy and forcing your artificial systems to work harder than usual. WMGB Home Improvement, your trusted home improvement company in the region, discusses what you should know about the three ideal locations of home insulation.

  • Attic – Most of a home’s energy is lost through a poorly insulated attic. Make sure to add a reliable insulation system, such as our blown-in insulation in Grand Rapids, MI. This guarantees that there is proper airflow and that there are no leaks in your roof, preventing mold formation and protecting your insulation quality. You can use this insulation type along with your existing insulation for better results.
  • Exterior Walls – Ever notice your walls letting too much noise in or your living spaces getting too cold during winter? This is because your exterior walls are some of the most overlooked sections of your home. When your walls are too thin, they can allow noise and outdoor air to penetrate your structure, making it uncomfortable over time. You can make your home more resistant to these elements by adding quality insulation from WMGB Home Improvement.
  • Crawl Spaces – Directly located under your structure, these shallow dirt areas tend to absorb the coldness of the earth around your home. They can transfer cold air to other parts of your structure. Investing in our crawl space insulation can help you save money and keep your spaces comfortable all year long.

Apart from these areas, you can also add insulation to other vulnerable places, such as your basement, ceiling, and foundation. Turn to WMGB Home Improvement today to protect your home against unwanted energy loss and insulation issues. We can also perform ice dam removal in Grand Rapids, MI, this winter to boost your overall comfort.

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