3 Insulation Projects That Can Save You Money Immediately

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If you want to invest in a home improvement project that can boost your home’s value and reduce your monthly energy costs immediately, insulation is an ideal investment. According to the Remodeling Magazine’s latest Cost vs. Value Report, attic insulation has a 97% ROI in the East North Central region—tops among all home improvement projects.

home improvement projects that help save money

As the most trusted name in home insulation in Grand Rapids, MI, WMGB Home Improvement can recommend the best projects to help you reduce your cost for comfort, and make your home feel more of a home. To take your home’s insulation to new heights, here the top three home improvement projects to focus on:

Blow-In Insulation

This is the most sought-after method for insulating the attic. This process ensures no space is left uncovered, sealing every corner 100%. This means your conditioned air has no means of escaping through this part of your house. This also helps prevent your roof from being fried from the inside.

Whether you pick fiberglass or cellulose, you can expect your attic to have right thermal resistance our local climate demands. Once we provide your blow-in insulation in Grand Rapids, MI, rest assured it doesn’t require maintenance whatsoever.

Crawl Space Insulation

Insulating your crawl space don’t only keep your floor pleasantly warm, but also significantly reduces your energy costs. The cool air below your house could travel to your living spaces. In addition, the coldness of the earth renders any utilities, like a furnace or water heater pipes, located in your crawl space inefficient. Whether you want your crawl space insulated or encapsulated, you can rely on the capable hands of our team.

Air Sealing

Even if you get your attic and crawl space insulated, the air could still travel in and out of your home through leaks. More than just higher energy bill, warm air leakage causes the formation of damaging and perilous ice dams. While you can rely on our ice dam removal in Grand Rapids, MI, should you need it, we recommend preventing snow from refreezing before even winter comes.

Our company’s proven expertise and wealth of experience in home insulation ensures you that we’ll seal all sources of air leakage around your home. Let WMGB Home Improvement help make your home completely energy-efficient and enjoyably comfortable all year round. Call us now at (616) 226-8580, and schedule your home improvement project.

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