3 Rooms That Benefit from Glass Block Windows

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Glass block windows are great if you’re looking for windows that provide privacy, security, and lots of natural lighting. Some homeowners and designers think that glass blocks are dated, but when installed in the right room, they add a timeless look and a practical feel.

Here’s a quick guide to rooms where glass block windows would best fit.


Bathrooms require constant privacy and lots of natural lighting. With regular windows, you have to favor one over the other. But with glass block windows, you won’t have to – you can have bathroom windows built as big as you want, without sacrificing privacy. Plus, you won’t need to spend money on window treatments. The obscured glass diffuses incoming light, creating a soft lighting effect.

You can also extend the design with glass block showers. With our wavy, mist, or ice glass patterns, you can take a shower in privacy and effective waterproofing. Glass blocks are much stronger than typical glass walls, and you can lean on it for support if the floor is too slippery. Our glass block shower doors are mortared to prevent mold and mildew, making bathroom cleaning much easier.

Home Office

If your home office looks too plain with an ordinary wall but would look too open with a glass partition, a glass block window set in the wall would give your home office the corporate treatment without resorting to sterile-looking glass partitions. It combines the all the lighting benefits of frosted glass walls found in offices without sacrificing that warm, inviting feel.


A common problem with typical basement awning windows is that rainwater sometimes gets in, even if the window is closed. It can even get worse if it’s flooded outside. Glass block windows solve that problem by providing a solid, impenetrable window that doesn’t sacrifice natural lighting. It can even prevent small critters from gaining access to your basement. You can choose to have the entire window made of glass blocks or to have a small window built in for ventilation.

WMGB Home Improvement has been providing glass block windows to Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI residents since 1985. If you would like to know more about glass block windows, call us today at (616) 328-6625 or fill out our contact form to set an appointment for a free, no-obligation quote.

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