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4 Common Patio Door Security Mistakes

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More than a few homeowners hesitate to have patio doors installed on their homes because they look easy to break into by intruders. But the truth is, patio doors can be as secure as front entry doors – if you avoid these common security mistakes.

  1. Choosing Simple Latches — Door hardware is a key component of patio door security. The patio door is practically a second entry door so it should have the same level of hardware security as your front door. Instead of a single-latch system, choose multi-point latches for hinged French doors or reach-out latches for sliding doors. Compared to typical patio door latches, these are difficult to force open.

  1. Curb-Facing Patio Doors — Patio doors are meant to serve as a private entrance and shouldn’t be visible from the curb. Sliding doors, in particular, will show off too much of your indoor space if installed on the wrong side of the house. If it can’t be helped, patio door treatments like blinds, shades or sheer curtains can be installed on your doors. Alternatively, you can partially or fully obscure the patio door glass using privacy film.

  1. Not Using Additional Security Measures — Treat your patio door as you would other possible entry points. Consider having keyed foot locks added  to supplement your patio door latches. Glass break alarms and door opening sensors are affordable and effective solutions that don’t take long to set up.

  1. Choosing Single-Pane Glass — There are reasons choosing single-pane glass for your new patio doors is not a good idea. It’s relatively easier to break, which can defeat the purpose of having locks in the first place. Also, single-pane glass can diminish your home’s energy efficiency, which can lead to higher energy bills by allowing heat to pass through almost freely. With double- or triple-pane glass becoming commonplace, there is little benefit to choosing single-pane glass.

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