4 Perfect Placements for Glass Block Windows

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While they are small in size, glass block windows can create a big visual impact for your home. This is because they provide a trendy accent that adds a distinctive character to your living space. Furthermore, they liven up your rooms with natural lighting without compromising your security.

Glass Block Windows

Just like other window styles, however, glass block windows will only deliver their complete benefits with proper placement. WMGB Home Improvement shares four areas where you can install them:

  1. Living Area. While glass block windows may be a thing of the 1900s, it doesn’t mean that you have to go vintage. Their smooth lines can go well with your contemporary aesthetics, from neutral color schemes to geometric décor. You can also strategically place them along your stairwell and entry door to send a warm and inviting feel to your guests.

  2. Basements. Glass block windows are an excellent option for basements since the windows in this area don’t usually have to be accessible. They can bring sufficient daylighting in to brighten up the space and keep moisture out during inclement weather conditions. In addition, they can keep intruders out since they are thicker and much harder to get through. A wavy glass block style is ideal for this area to maximize privacy.

  3. Bathrooms. When your space allows, you can use glass block windows instead of doors to define your shower areas. This elegant statement can make your bathroom feel more refreshing and inviting. You can also combine glass block windows with sleek surfaces and wooden accents to create a spa-like ambiance. We suggest using wavy, mist, or ice glass block patterns to keep prying eyes out.

  4. Kitchen. Apart from walls, you can apply glass block windows in almost every aspect of your kitchen, including islands, bars, and end tables. You may then use creative lighting to create a dramatic effect during the evening. This gives your home a modern flair of color and style, making it stand out.

You can fully enjoy the rewarding advantages of glass block windows when you turn to reliable remodelers like WMGB Home Improvement. For more than 30 years, we have helped homeowners add unparalleled style, comfort, and value to their living space. Call us at (616) 328-6625 or complete our contact form to get a free quote. We serve Grand Rapids, Lansing, and surrounding areas in MI.

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