5 Clues You Might Need New Windows or Exterior Doors

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As chilly temperatures linger in Wyoming, Michigan, you might be wondering if your windows and exterior doors are serving you as well as they should. Here are a few clues that can help you know when it is time to replace your windows, patio doors, entry doors, and more!

  1. You See Condensation on Your Window Panes

If you’re noticing condensation on the glass in your windows or storm doors, check to see where it’s settling. Condensation on the inside of your window panes can be normal in the winter, but if it’s between the two panes of a double or triple-sealed window, it could mean your seal is broken and will be inefficient until it’s replaced. 

  1. Your Energy Bills are Higher than Ever

Inefficiency drives up the cost of your home! High energy bills are a big clue that your windows aren’t pulling their weight in keeping your home efficient. When combined with good insulation and air sealing, windows should be able to stand up to high and low temperatures, keeping your home comfortable without forcing your heating and cooling systems to overwork.

  1. You Can See Signs of Damage or Age

If you can see cracks in your window panes, can’t easily open or close your windows all the way, or have an exterior door that won’t latch, window and door upgrades would be a smart move for your home’s efficiency and security. 

  1. You Can Feel a Distinct Draft

If you put something lightweight, like a feather or clothing fuzz near your windows or doors, it shouldn’t blow around as a result of a draft or insufficient seal. If you can feel a draft, you already have the answer—a new window or door will make your home more comfortable. 

  1. You’re Tired of Traffic Noises

Did you hear that? Whether it’s a neighbor’s overly-enthusiastic (and vocal) dog, or a high-traffic road nearby, you deserve to enjoy a peaceful home without the extra noise. With replacement windows and external doors from the trained professionals at WMGB, you can enjoy your home more thanks to better air quality, more restful sleep, and more.Learn why new windows will save you money. Call 616-226-5558 or contact us online today!

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