5 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to Get an Energy Audit

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Spring and fall are two of the best times in Western Michigan to make improvements to your home, as the weather is milder and there’s time to plan ahead to the upcoming season.

Do you have a fall to-do list for your Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids home to get it ready for cold winter months? A home energy audit in early fall should be a top priority so that you have time for any recommended home performance and insulation upgrades—here are just some of the reasons why.

1. Make Your Home More Comfortable for Winter

Home energy audits help you identify the areas of your home contributing to poor indoor comfort, so that you can address the problems with upgrades like replacement or additional insulation and air sealing.

Because the winter months are when the temperature differences between the inside of your home and the outdoor air are highest, winter is when your home will be most susceptible to energy loss as well as uncomfortable and uneven indoor temperatures. Having these issues addressed in the fall will help ensure you have a cozy, comfortable winter season in your Michigan home.

2. Avoid Winter Ice Dams

Icicles and ice dams on your roof in the winter can not only pose a safety risk for your family, but they can also lead to water leaking into your home and causing expensive interior damage. Ice dams are most often the result of insufficient attic insulation, which a home energy audit for your Michigan home can help identify. 

3. Lower Your Winter Heating Bills

Are you spending way too much money to heat your home during the winter? Fuel or electricity costs to run your furnace, boiler, or baseboard heating can soar during the winter months in Western Michigan. But wasted energy from air leaks and insufficient insulation can make up a significant portion of the money you spend on heating bills. Home energy audits are worth it just from the money they’ll help you save this winter and for many more to come.

4. Stop Chilly Indoor Drafts

When the weather’s really cold outside, are there rooms or areas in your house you avoid because of indoor drafts? Air leaks in your building envelope can lead to energy waste and let in frigid outdoor air, making parts of your home uncomfortable.

Using advanced building science technology like blower doors and infrared thermal cameras, WMGB Home Improvement’s energy auditors can identify the location of air leaks in your home so you can have air sealing completed before winter weather arrives.

5. Schedule an Audit Today to Get Help for Your Home without Delay!

Fall is a busy time of year for home performance contractors, because homeowners are looking to have their homes improved before the winter. This can lead to scheduling delays for those who wait until later in the season to give WMGB Home Improvement a call.

We work hard to make time for everyone looking to have an energy audit performed, as well as home performance work like upgraded attic insulation, air sealing, and crawlspace encapsulation. But the best chance for homeowners who need work done on their homes before winter is to schedule early!

Plan ahead to save money and stay comfortable all winter long. Call 616-226-5558 or contact us to schedule a home energy audit near you this fall.

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