5 Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows This Spring

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If your windows are outdated, broken, leaky, or just unappealing to look at, you may be thinking about investing in your home and scheduling window replacement. But when’s the best time to upgrade your Western Michigan home’s windows?

At WMGB Home Improvement, we often explain to homeowners that while we replace windows at any time of the year, we find that many homeowners prefer to schedule this kind of home improvement project in the spring. Here are a few of the reasons why:

1. Let Some Outdoor Air Into Your Home This Spring…

When the weather starts to warm up in the spring, one of the best feelings is to finally be able to open up your windows and get some fresh air inside! But if your windows are in bad shape, and maybe some of them won’t even open because they’re damaged or too old and stuck, then having replacements put in will make this season all the more enjoyable in your house.

2. …but Help Keep it Out This Summer!

If your windows are old and energy inefficient, you probably have lots of cracks and gaps or single-pane windows allowing air and heat to move in and out of your home. This isn’t the same as getting fresh air on a pleasant day—old windows can create uncomfortable indoor drafts when you least want them. In the summer, this means that you’ll be either dealing with high electricity bills as your air conditioner is forced to work overtime to keep you cool, or that your AC-less home will be much hotter (and likely muggy) than you’d like on a July or August afternoon.

Replacing your windows, on the other hand, will help keep heat and hot summer air outside, creating a more comfortable and energy-efficient Grand Rapids, Holland, or Kalamazoo home.

3. Increase the Value of Your Home If You’re Planning to Sell

New windows are a big visual appeal—they can transform the way a home looks, and they can make a big difference when it comes to making a good first impression. If you’re thinking about selling your home this year, having new windows installed could entice more buyers and lead to a higher sale price.

4. Spring Weather’s Better for Window Installation

While we’ve installed new windows during every season without issue, it must be said that it makes for a far more enjoyable experience for homeowners to get their replacement windows when the weather’s temperate—not too hot and not too cold. That would leave the spring and fall seasons, but fall is often rainier, which can create delays in the installation process, leaving you waiting longer to get your windows put in.

5. Enjoy Your Matching Windows While the Weather’s Nice!

Finally, while there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had from admiring your new windows from inside your house, doesn’t it always just feel better to stand outside on a warm day knowing your home looks great? If you’re replacing all of your windows and will have new, matching styles for the first time, scheduling installation in the spring gives you months and months (and months!) of warm, beautiful weather to sit outside and bask in your home’s makeover. (And hey, it might even make the neighbors a little jealous, too!)

Save Money With New Windows This Spring With WMGB

Home window replacement isn’t just about comfort and visual appeal—it saves you money as well! In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that up to 30% of your home’s energy is lost through inefficient windows and doors. WMGB Home Improvement offers a wide variety of modern, energy-efficient windows from brands like Provia with features including:

  • Insulated frames
  • Low-E glass
  • Tilt-in sashes for easy access

Whether you’re looking for awning windows, bay and bow windows, basement windows, or more, WMGB Home Improvement is the local window replacement company that’s got you covered. Give us a call today for help finding your Grand Haven or Wyoming, MI home the perfect window upgrades.

Upgrade your home this spring and find the best company for home window replacement near you. Call or contact us today to learn more about our window replacement costs.

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