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6 Benefits of Attic Insulation

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As mother nature starts to put a chill in the air, many Wyoming and Holland, MI homeowners are considering adding insulation to their homes. Since heat naturally rises in your home, improving attic insulation is a great place to start boosting home comfort and saving money. 

At WMGB Home improvement we are often asked about the advantages of upgrading attic insulation. Here are six of the top benefits of adding attic insulation:

  1. Increased Comfort

Proper attic insulation provides a proven defense against heat loss, helping to maintain comfortable, even temperatures in your Kalamazoo, MI home. One important note is that an attic insulation upgrade should include air sealing the attic area to ensure the attic insulation performs up to specifications. With spray foam insulation, air sealing happens when the foam is applied. If your best insulation for the attic option is blown-in insulation, air sealing is applied prior to installing the cellulose insulation.

  1. Save Energy & Money

With energy costs rising, it’s more important than ever to save energy in your home. Less fuel used for heating and air conditioning translates to lower energy costs, which can add up to very big savings in the long term! Because attic insulation moderates temperatures inside, you’ll be able to set your thermostat lower and still feel cozy.

  1. Prevent Ice Dams 

Attic insulation plays an important role in regulating the flow of heat in and out of the house. Once attic insulation is installed, the uneven heating and refreezing that can cause ice dams in the winter are eliminated. Ice dams can cause costly freezing pipes and water damage in the wintertime. Another protective benefit is that attic insulation can prevent moisture condensation from forming in your attic and causing damage to your home. 

  1. Make Your Home Healthier

The tandem upgrades of attic insulation and air sealing have another great benefit—improved indoor air quality (IAQ). Sealing your attic reduces the infiltration of air pollutants that can make your family uncomfortable—especially those who have respiratory illnesses. Pollutants often found in attics can include allergens like dust and animal waste. When your attic is sealed and insulated, these harmful substances have no way to enter your living spaces.

  1. Extend HVAC Life Expectancy

Improved attic insulation means your heating and cooling systems don’t need to work as hard to maintain temperatures. Think about it: if your furnace runs constantly to keep up with heating demand, parts wear out more quickly and repairs can mount up. 

  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing your energy consumption also decreases the amount of carbon dioxide your home consumes. Whether you use fuel oil, natural gas, or electricity to heat and cool your home, using less energy means less carbon dioxide in the environment. Saving money, energy, and the environment is a great way to go!

Get Started with a Home Energy Audit

How will attic insulation replacement and air sealing affect your home? The best way to find out is to schedule a home energy audit from the efficiency pros at WMGB Home Improvement. You’ll learn more about your house and the optimal steps to make it more comfortable, efficient, and healthy. This small investment can reap big savings for Michigan homes! 

Get the benefits of new attic insulation for your home. Call 616-226-5558 or contact us to learn more.

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