A Step-By-Step Guide to Fix Condensation Caused by Window Rot

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No matter what style your windows are, condensation caused window rot is one of the problems you must address immediately. After all, if your window starts rotting, it can cause numerous problems for you, such as energy efficiency problems or water leaks. Thankfully, even if your windows have some rot, you can still fix them.

Step 1: Scrape and Drill

One of the first things you should do when repairing window rot is to scrape the rotten wood away with a chisel. Once you’ve accomplished that, you have to drill a series of holes throughout the rotted area, one inch apart. If the wood is still damp afterwards, you’ll have to wait more than a week to let it dry fully.

Step 2: Add Epoxy

Once the wood is dry, you now have to add epoxy to the window. Once the mixture is ready, put it in a squeeze bottle, and squirt the epoxy into the holes you drilled. After five minutes, the epoxy should soak into the wood. Repeat the process once more when it does until the wood is saturated with epoxy. Afterwards, you have to let the epoxy cure for a week.

Step 3: Add Wood Filler

When the epoxy finishes curing, you’ll now have to add epoxy wood filler to the problematic vinyl or egress windows. Simply scoop the filler onto a putty knife, and scrape it into the holes to completely fill them as much as possible. Once the holes are filled, cover the remaining rotted-out areas with epoxy. You’ll have to shape the filler into the windows frame’s approximate dimensions as well. Afterwards, let it dry for at least four hours (warm weather) or overnight (cold weather)

Step 4: Sanding and Applying Primer and Paint

After the filler has dried out, you can shave off any excess filler with rasps and sandpaper until it’s in your desired shape. Within three days, you’ll have to apply primer and paint to your window. If you must, check the manufacturer’s instructions to know how you can properly apply the primer and paint.

Alternate Solution: Window Replacement

On the other hand, if your window is too rotted out, the only solution available to you is a window replacement. For quality window replacement products you can get for your home, consider hiring WMGB Home Improvement. We have various window styles that can easily suit your home and improve its aesthetic appeal, such as awning, vinyl, casement and glass block windows.

Turn to WMGB Home Improvement for your home improvement needs. We are your leading provider of home insulation and window installation services. Give us a call at (616) 328-6625, or fill out our contact form for a free no-obligation quote. We serve homeowners in Grand Rapids, Lansing and other nearby areas.

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