Are Glass Blocks a Good Choice for Basement Windows?

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When it comes to basement windows, the egress window often comes to mind. It must be of a certain size and must meet the local building code. More importantly, it must be operable so that family members can escape through it, or emergency response personnel can enter your home through it in case of an emergency.

Many homeowners, however, look to spruce their basement with glass blocks as an alternative to their current windows. They are good choices for basement windows, but they are in no way considered egress windows. WMGB Home Improvement discusses more in today’s post.

Differentiating Glass Blocks and Egress Windows

Safety is one of the primary reasons why basements must have egress windows. When we install them, we cut the opening on the wall large enough to take on the bigger fixture. They are added so that people can climb up and down, and get in or out as needed.

Basement windows that are deemed too small to be considered egress windows can’t be used for emergency situations and, as such, are installed for other purposes. This is where our glass blocks can serve as replacement windows.

About Our Glass Blocks

Our glass block windows tend to be smaller and inoperable, which means they can’t be opened. However, it is possible to add a small air vent in them for added ventilation. When we install them, we do not make the basement wall’s opening any larger. We only apply mortar on the glass block in the opening for a permanent replacement of an existing basement window.

With glass blocks, you get great security. Each one is eight times thicker than normal glass. Add the fact that they are double paned, and you get more thickness out of your windows. This makes them difficult to break into, especially during home invasions. Also, they become part of the wall when installed, which helps protect your basement from leaks and drafts.

Glass block windows also allow in more light. An expansive glass space lets sunlight pass through, making your basement brighter during the daytime. Plus, they don’t require much upkeep. No painting or caulking needed – simply wipe off dust and dirt from the glass, and you’re all set.

Explore replacement basement windows with WMGB Home Improvement. All of our installers are trained to properly install windows the first time. We have been installing glass block basement windows for 35 years.

Apart from the glass blocks and egress windows, we also offer a wide variety of vinyl replacement windows that come in unique styles and configurations. Call (616) 328-6625, or fill out our contact form to request a free, no-obligation quote. We serve Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, MI.

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