Areas to Check When Assessing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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An energy audit conducted by a professional is still the best way to accurately determine your home’s energy efficiency. Conducting your own audit, however, gives you a better idea of your home’s condition and gauge the extent of potential repair work as well as gain a better understanding of how your home insulation works.

Homes Energy Efficiency

Home Inspection

Start by checking the areas with operable windows and doors for drafts, which indicate air leaks. Check the weatherstripping, and make sure it’s not damaged. Check if the window sashes fit onto the frames as the smallest gaps could allow leaks. Next, check for other possible sources of leaks, such as gaps in the baseboard, edge of flooring and fireplace dampers that may have been left open. Weather permitting, check the exterior for air leaks, particularly the windows; if they feel warm to the touch, then they may not be as insulated.

A thorough check of your home’s insulation work may be difficult as some of the insulation, such as in the exterior walls, can’t be checked without special tools or tearing out some parts of your home. What you can do though is to climb into the attic and inspect its condition. Look out for signs of water damage. If your attic has blown-in insulation, it may appear clumped in areas where it has absorbed moisture. If this water damage appears extensive, it will require professional repairs, ideally before the winter season.

Energy Efficiency Audit

For best results, have your home audited for energy efficiency by specialists certified by the Building Performance Institute, Inc., like our company. Our process involves going through all areas that affect your energy consumption: air seals, insulation, heat barrier, duct work, HVAC systems, water heaters, lighting and fenestrations. At the end of the inspection, you will receive a full report of the state of your home. We will also help you come up with a plan that works best with your budget and resources.

To learn more about our BPI-certified audit specialists or our other services, including egress windows, call WMGB Home Improvement today at (616) 328-6625. We serve Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI.

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