Basement Egress Windows: 4 Key Things to Know

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If you’re planning to turn your basement into a living area, it should have at least one egress window. This special window assures a proper escape system in case of emergency.

Basement Egress Windows

As the top provider of window installation in Grand Rapids, MI, WMGB Home Improvement recommends egress windows. Here are the key things you need to know:

You Should Comply with Building Codes

Basement egress windows must meet the current requirements of your local building code. Apart from the exact measurements, there are other factors to consider in rendering the size of your egress fixture adequate. Fortunately, you don’t need to do this step yourself. Let an experienced window contractor do that and carry out the installation according to the standards set by your city.

You Don’t Always Have to Pick a Casement Type

Most egress windows in Lansing, MI, come in a casement style because the entire opening becomes passable when it’s opened completely. Nonetheless, you can choose to have a slider for other purposes. Sliding egress fixtures naturally cover a larger hole, creating an impression that your basement looks and feels bigger. The tall and wide glass promotes better daylighting, lending a sense of airiness to your space.

You Only Need a Window Well in Certain Cases

Some egress windows need a well to make it easier to go in and out of your basement. A window well is generally needed when your foundation walls hardly peek above the soil line. Unless you have a sloping yard, excavating down is necessary for the entrance and exit. If your window well is too deep, it would require a ladder, as well.

Hire the Reliable Team

Considering its purpose, installing an egress window in Grand Rapids, MI calls for a professional. Hire the company that specializes in this project, ensuring everything’s done properly and minimize the amount of disruption you’d have to deal with. After all, inexperienced contractors may run into sewer, gas, cable, water, and electrical lines during the job. We’re a company that is experienced in basement egress window installation, so you can be sure to avoid unnecessary stress.

WMGB Home Improvement is proficient at all kinds of egress window projects. We’ll make sure to install your window up to code. Call us now at (616) 226-8580, and schedule your free consultation.

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