Chilly Winters & Sweaty Summers? Fix Home Comfort Problems For Good

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Winter has just begun, but despite homeowners’ best efforts to get their homes ready for winter, some are already finding their homes uncomfortably chilly. Though frustrating, symptoms like these are valuable for the insights they provide about how your home is performing! Feeling cold indoors when the heat is blasting is a sure sign of an inefficient home.

This winter, prevent frozen pipes and other costly problems by calling in the experts at WMGB Home Improvement. We help homeowners from Grand Haven to Kalamazoo with services and home energy resources to help resolve home efficiency problems before they snowball. If left unmanaged, the problem won’t improve—we can almost guarantee that efficiency problems will make your home equally uncomfortable in every season, including summer.

Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation

Insulation can actually regulate heating and cooling costs! This is because insulation works to keep your conditioned air inside your home year-round, while also keeping outdoor temperatures, and radiant heat from the sun in the summer months, outside. Enjoy a more comfortable home with better energy efficiency year-round with professionally-installed insulation from the experts at WMGB. 

Add Air Sealing & Encapsulation

When preparing your home for winter 2021 / 2022, air sealing and encapsulation can make all the difference to your home’s comfort, and even improve your indoor air quality! Even better, these services are beneficial year-round. 

Crawl space encapsulation can have enormously positive effects on the health of your entire home. Energy most commonly escapes through the top and bottom of your home, meaning that unfinished crawl spaces are frequent sources of inefficiency. Consistently cold floors on your first story are a good sign that your crawl space would benefit from professional encapsulation.  

Sealing air leaks with spray foam often produces immediate results so you can say goodbye to cold air infiltration throughout your whole home! Leave efficiency problems like ice dams, high utility bills, and air leakage in 2021 by upgrading your home’s air sealing this winter. 

Replace Inefficient Windows

Replacing drafty or old windows can make an enormous difference for the comfort and efficiency of your home throughout the year! In fact, research has shown that heat gain and loss through windows can account for 25%–30% of residential energy use. 

As impactful as new windows can be on their own, they’re often even better for your home’s efficiency when paired with insulation and air sealing options! If you’re unsure where to begin, we’re here to help answer your questions. Schedule a free quote today and we’ll help you find real solutions that fit your budget and your efficiency goals.

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