Debunking 5 Window Cleaning Myths

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Window cleaning myths passed down for generations have stayed with us. Sadly, they produce doubtful results and even create more work. WMGB Home Improvement debunks five of them here.

1. Newspapers Clean Windows Better

Many decades ago, newspapers were thicker and were often used in window cleaning. Today, they are a lot thinner and easier to tear and fall apart. Additionally, their ink may cause discoloration to the trim around the window. Today’s microfiber cloths polish windows much better, but the best option is chamois leather.

2. Water and Vinegar Cleans Everything

Vinegar is an acid that can cut through dirt and kill bacteria, but only at full or almost full strength. A capful in a bucket of water will not do much. Also, acids can damage natural stone and wood surfaces. Vinegar and water only smear the dirt on egress windows and not remove it.

3. Cleaning Solutions Act at Once

WMGB Home Improvement suggests letting cleaning solutions sit for two to three minutes. Some solutions like disinfectants need a full 10 minutes to kill bacteria. Glass cleaners have extra ingredients that make them smell good. These extras can form a thin film on the glass that leaves streaks when the fluids dry.

4. Feather Dusters Are More Effective Than Microfiber Cloths 

It’s true that genuine ostrich-feather dusters attract dust. However, most feather dusters only spread the dust around. A microfiber duster collects dust, dirt and debris like a magnet, letting you get rid of them with ease.

5. Dirty Windows Go Unnoticed

Even windows that are not touched by people or pets get dirtier every day. If the dirt and grime on windows are homogenous, they might go unnoticed. Yet, when the light hits the window at an angle, it’s clear to see the haze from the dirt.

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