Egress Windows Q and A: What You Should Know

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Windows are highly essential components that add to the home’s look and feel. That’s why most homeowners focus on installing them on the ground and upper floors, or where they can be most visible. Meanwhile, some rooms that also need windows are overlooked. These include the basement, a room usually associated with mold and moisture.

If you’re planning to replace your existing windows this season, you should also consider getting new ones for your basement. In fact, you should go for an egress window in Grand Rapids, MI. This window type offers a number of features that can further improve your home’s health and safety. To help you understand more about egress windows, WMGB Home Improvement suggests you check out this Q and A.

  1. What are egress windows? Egress literally means “a path out” or exit”, which gives a pretty good idea on these windows’ primary function. Egress windows can provide a safe escape route in case of emergencies. At the same time, it gives rescuers an excellent access point into your home during this same urgent situation. In addition, these units allow considerable natural light and ventilation into the basement. This can help reduce the potential for mold growth and poor indoor air quality.
  2. How do I start with their installation? Before getting these units for your home, you’ll need to make sure that they meet in the specific height, width, and overall square footage. You should turn to an expert in window installation in Grand Rapids, MI, like WMGB Home Improvement. We have deep knowledge on the applicable local codes for egress windows, ensuring a smoother and safer installation.
  3. What window style should I use? You’ll have to pick the most functional and easily operable of options. Casement windows, for instance, meet the full requirements since they don’t take up much wall space. Their hinged sides and wide opening allow for a good escape route. These make them ideal for small-scale rooms like the basement. Other sensible options are double-hung and gliding. If your window contractor can satisfy the width and height requirements, these choices can also contribute to a safer home environment.

When in need of quality egress windows in Lansing, MI, turn to WMGB Home Improvement. With our top-tier options and professional crew, we’ll help maximize your home’s health and safety. Call us at (616) 226-8580 or fill out our form today to schedule your appointment.

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