Glass Blocks Make for Great Entry Door Sidelights

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When it comes to sidelights for entry doors, glass blocks are a great choice. Instead of going for the typical decorative glass, these bricks bring unique features to the table.

As the leading installer of high-quality glass block windows in Grand Rapids, MI, WMGB Home Improvement understands how useful these stylish bricks can also be as sidelights for your entry door. By choosing this material to embellish your façade, you can expect these amazing advantages:

Reinforced Security

Other than enhancing your daylighting, the use of glass block for sidelights makes your front door sturdier. Unlike the typical glass, these bricks can reinforce your doorframe and essential elevate your layer of protection at home.

Unless purposely made transparent, a typical glass block Lansing, MI, has decorative patterns for better privacy. Glass block-made sidelights let you see whenever someone’s outside without actually opening your door.

Better Insulation

The insulating value of glass bricks is synonymous with a standard double-pane thermal window. This dramatically minimizes air leakage, helping you maintain your optimal indoor climate with less energy.

If you put a premium on energy efficiency, glass blocks are the top choice. Entry door sidelights may be minor details in the grand scheme, but they make a significant impact in cutting your electric costs.

Much like glass block windows in Lansing, MI, glass brick sidelights help make your interior spaces quieter. They deliver impressive acoustic insulation, dampening high levels of outdoor noise.

More Stylish

If you’ve seen sidelights made with glass blocks before, you know how stunningly they look. From a design standpoint, the distinctive patterns of glass brick can add more texture and diversity to your overall architecture. As you don’t see them every day, glass blocks always give spaces a refreshing look.

Discover more ways to incorporate glass blocks to your home design. Call WMGB Home Improvement now at (616) 226-8580, and tell us your ideas.

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