Home Areas That Can Benefit From Insulation

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Many homeowners blame their HVAC systems for being ineffective whenever they notice that some of their rooms are too hot or too cold. However, the HVAC system is not always to blame. There could be a problem with the home’s insulation, which results in faster heat transfer and energy loss. Leaving this unattended can affect you and your home’s well-being.

Benefit From Insulation

When it’s time to upgrade your home insulation, WMGB Home Improvement is here to help. We can evaluate your home and suggest ways to increase its comfort levels. Let us discuss some of the home areas that need sufficient insulation:

Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces refer to shallow dirt areas found directly under your home. They tend to soak up the coldness of the ground and transfer it to the living areas above them. When you have utilities like hot water pipes and furnace located in your crawl spaces, your HVAC systems may work harder than they should. That said, this area needs proper insulation to avoid discomfort underfoot.

Basements and Attics

Constructing a secure thermal barrier surrounding the home is a key principle of insulating a living space. An uninsulated basement, however, weakens this barrier, which results in fluctuating temperatures between this room and the rest of your home. The same goes for your attic. Aside from bearing excessive heat, uninsulated attic spaces are more likely to sustain water damage due to condensation.

Fortunately, WMGB Home Improvement offers top-notch solutions to optimize your basement and attic. Our blown-in insulation is an effective option to keep these areas of your home leak- and moisture-free.

Interior and Exterior Walls

Sufficient insulation in walls is important for stabilizing your home’s indoor temperature, making your living spaces cozier. In turn, this minimizes your energy consumption. A smart way to improve the heat resistance of your walls is to invest in spray foam insulation. Apart from eliminating drafts, the airtight seal it creates can lessen the risks of moisture infiltrating your home.

Look no further than WMGB Home Improvement to successfully enhance your home’s insulation. We recommend only the best insulation type to meet your home’s unique requirements. We also offer ice dam removal services. Call us at (616) 328-6625 to learn more about our offerings. You can also fill out our contact form to get a free estimate. We serve Grand Rapids and adjacent areas in MI.

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