Home Security: Entry Door Security Features

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Your home needs entry doors that are beautiful, durable, and – most importantly – secure. In addition to the front door, your patio doors and back doors need to be secure as well. In this blog, WMGB Home Improvement shares an overview of the security features your entry doors should have.

Front Door

Front door security features are often discussed in terms of whether or not the door can withstand storms or high-speed airborne debris. Human intrusion, on the other hand, isn’t discussed as much, yet it is an important factor and is one that isn’t as predictable nor straightforward as natural causes. Most front doors are made of steel or fiberglass, and by themselves are capable of withstanding great impact. However, they are only as durable as the frames and hardware.

There are two things you should look into: quality frames and additional security hardware. Entry door manufacturer ProVia® offers complete door assemblies that include secure door hardware as well as options, such as storm doors. Choosing a complete door-and-frame assembly ensures security around the door as well as a weatherproof fit.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are made of glass, which raises some concern about how secure they really are. It is entirely possible for the glass to be broken to allow access to the door knob or lever, which makes the hardware, again, the weak point. This is why you should choose multi-point locks as well as additional locking hardware at the top and bottom of doors, where they can only be accessed from the indoors. Security alarms as well as motion-activated backyard lighting can also act as a deterrent.

Auxiliary Doors and Egress Windows

Other points of entry, such as the back door and egress windows, should comply with building codes to ensure security without compromising egress requirements. Do not make it a habit to leave keys in pots, under the mat or at the top of the door frame. Instead, get a coded security system that triggers an alarm either when the code is entered incorrectly after a set number of times or if it isn’t entered after the door was opened. As with the front door, investing in a quality door-and-frame assembly for your back door can make a significant difference.

WMGB Home Improvement offers secure entry and patio door options from ProVia. Give us a call at (616) 328-6625, or fill out our contact form. We serve customers in Grand Rapids, MI, and surrounding areas.

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