How to Fix Rattling Windows

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How do you stop your windows from making those rattling sounds? Rattling sounds are a sign some parts of your windows have become loose, not to mention these sounds are a sign window performance has been compromised. To prevent these loose parts from shaking, you need to have them repaired or replaced. 

What are the window parts that usually become loose over a window’s lifespan? Here’s an overview of the usual culprits: 

Rattling window
  • Loose glass panes – Your windows’ glass panes could start to rattle if the caulking holding them in place is damaged. Recaulking the glass panes should prevent the glass panes from shaking. 
  • Loose window sash – Natural wear and tear might damage your window sash’s track, loosening it. 
  • Rotting wood – Over time, rainwater might manage to infiltrate wooden windows, causing rot to form on wooden parts. Rotting window parts should be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, rot could spread to the other parts of your window. 

Why Contractors Recommend Replacing Rattling Windows 

While window repairs are always an option, arguably, it’s more practical and cost-efficient to replace damaged windows with new replacement windows. That’s because there’s no guarantee repairs will be able to fully restore your windows’ performance. 

For instance, if you have argon-filled, energy-efficient windows installed, there’s a chance wear and tear that loosened some parts of the window may have also damaged the sealing of the glass pane. The sealing can be easily repaired, but the gas that leaked out can’t be easily replaced. (You’d need to hire a specialist to refill your windows’ insulated glass panes.) In this case, a window replacement is the more practical option. 

Making the Most of a Window Replacement

If you’re planning to install new windows, here’s a buying tip: vinyl replacement windows have the lowest maintenance needs on the market. To make sure your new windows are properly installed, only hire experienced contractors. 

Looking for experienced contractors in your area? 

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