How to Install Glass Block Windows

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Installing glass block windows is a great way to add light, improve security, and add value to your Grand Rapids MI home. Using glass blocks to replace basement well windows is a great way to brighten up your laundry room and keep bugs and moisture out. Another excellent location for the privacy of glass blocks is as a shower window — especially in the trending wet rooms many designers are adding to master bath suites. Really, glass block windows can work in many different locations around your home!

Advantages of Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows have withstood the test of time for a number of excellent reasons. They provide lots of light and most semitransparent styles prevent the loss of privacy. Glass blocks are also more durable than a traditional pane glass window and as a result, provide increased security. If you’re wondering, “Are glass block windows energy efficient?”, the answer is yes! Glass blocks are energy efficient and provide excellent air sealing and heat loss prevention. 

Disadvantages of Glass Block Windows

While some styles prevent visibility into your home, these styles of glass blocks also reduce visibility out. One solution is to install clear glass blocks for complete visibility in treatments such as front door sidelights. Glass blocks also eliminate any ventilation that might be provided by a traditional window. Glass blocks are stationary and because of their weight may require additional support. 

Types of Glass Block Windows

Four types of glass block windows are available at WMGB Home Improvement, ranging from high visibility and light transmission to low visibility and enhanced privacy:

  • Clarity Glass Blocks—Just like it sounds, this is clear glass block that provides maximum visibility.
  • Wavy Glass Blocks—Popular because it blends with many decors, this soft undulating pattern provides excellent light and privacy in basement window wells.
  • Ice Glass Blocks—Similar to wavy glass blocks, Ice glass provides more privacy with similar light.
  • Diamond Pattern—This geometric pattern is pressed under a smooth surface, provides the highest level of privacy, and is used in bathrooms.

Are Glass Blocks Easy to Install?

Lots of DIY homeowners are eager to tackle their home improvement projects, and glass blocks look like they would be an easy task to handle. But it really takes an expert to install glass block windows in your West Michigan home. Glass block installation is a specialized skill, like constructing a masonry fireplace. Most savvy DIY homeowners leave this specialized task to the glass block experts at WMGB Home Improvement.

Make the Smart Choice for Glass Block Installation

Our roots are based in glass block installation and WMGB Home Improvement has been installing glass blocks in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids MI for more than 30 years. We can assess your Wyoming MI home’s particulars and recommend the appropriate installation to meet your needs.

Learn more about how glass block windows can upgrade your Michigan home from the local professionals! Call 616-226-5558 or contact WMGB online today for a free glass block installation quote.

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