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How to Insulate a Basement for Efficient Heating

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As the temperatures start to drop, Grand Rapids MI homeowners are searching for ways to improve their home’s energy efficiency. One often overlooked area for insulation is the basement. Even if your basement isn’t finished, insulation can make a big difference in how comfortable the rest of your home is. 

Air Flow from Your Basement

The inside air of your home is constantly on the move. Warm air rises through the house, exiting through cracks and gaps in your attic while cold outdoor air is drawn in through the bottom parts of your to occupy the space. Making sure your basement or crawl space is insulated and air sealed can disrupt the flow of damp, cold air from your basement into the rest of your home. The benefits of insulating your West Michigan basement include:

  • A warmer winter home
  • A cooler summer home
  • Less indoor moisture and humidity year round
  • Lower heating and cooling bills
  • Healthier indoor air quality 
  • Enhanced soundproofing

Different Basement Insulation Options to Save Money

While basement and crawl space insulation options are available for both inside and outside basement walls, most existing home insulation tackles basement interiors. The first step is to identify a basement insulation installation company near you that is professional and experienced. The basement insulation pros at WMGB Home Improvement can assess the best approach to heat a basement efficiently. Their decades of experience have identified the best solutions to warm a basement in winter, including:

  • Spray foam insulation is commonly used for air sealing and on rim joists. The air sealing qualities of spray foam ensure that the insulation performs to high standards while also preventing air and moisture from seeping into the rest of your home.
  • ECOCELL sheets and batts are WGMB ‘s preferred insulation product for basement walls. Made from 70% recycled materials, fire-rated, and mold-resistant, its quick drying characteristics are superior to the competition and make it a smart choice for basements.

A properly insulated basement will reduce energy waste. By helping to keep conditioned air inside your home for longer, your HVAC systems can run less frequently, saving you money and making energy bills more affordable!

Insulating Basement Walls After Framing

Framing your Wyoming MI basement walls is the first step to converting your basement into comfortable living space. Adding insulation to framing is one way to heat a basement efficiently. Once the walls are insulated, the finishing touches for your downstairs man cave or craft room can then be completed!

Tackling Basement Moisture for Healthy Indoor Air

Let’s face it, many Kalamazoo MI basements and crawl spaces can be pretty damp. It’s important to note that addressing any moisture problems in your basement or crawl space is essential prior to insulating crawl spaces or finishing basement spaces. Installing proper drainage, sump pumps, and even dehumidifiers will ensure your basement living spaces are warm and cozy all winter long.

Make your entire home more comfortable in the winter (and summer, too!) with basement insulation. Call 616-226-5558 or contact us online to get started!

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