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Ideal Placements for Glass Block Windows

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Glass block windows are great additions to rooms where you need to allow natural light to filter out into your space without affecting your privacy. While they are not the only option suitable to accomplish this goal, they are elegant and stylish elements that can certainly boost your décor.

Glass Block Windows

This type of window comes in various finishes. Many of these windows consist of thick, transparent glass, while others have a smooth finish. Other glass block windows in Grand Rapids, MI, even have lined, wavy, or rain finishes. If you’re wondering how you can use these windows decoratively inside your home, WMGB Home Improvement can help. Here are three rooms that can benefit a lot from glass block windows:

  • Bathrooms – Due to their design, these windows are commonly placed in a bathroom. Unlike other window styles, they offer a unique combination of providing privacy without blocking the path of natural light. You can use glass block windows with frosted or patterned glass to further improve the room’s privacy without compromising your room’s design.
  • BasementsGlass block windows in Lansing, MI, allow light to pass through while still keeping your spaces safe from prying eyes. This makes them an excellent option for dark spaces, such as basements. You wouldn’t want to use curtains or blinds in such an area, so adding glass block windows is both a smart and practical decision.
  • Living Rooms – Apart from brightening up your spaces and providing privacy, glass block windows are also great at offering an appealing option for room dividers. By adding them to the walls or dividers of your living room, you can create a stylish space that your guests can certainly enjoy.

If you’re looking to improve your home’s privacy without inhibiting light in any way, using a glass block in Lansing, MI, is your best choice. You can maximize the unique benefits of glass block windows by consulting a professional installer, like WMGB Home Improvement, today. For more than 30 years, we have helped local homeowners enjoy better homes through our top-quality products.

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