Important Things to Know About Egress Casement Windows

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Windows are important parts of your home that help improve its curb appeal and value. Aside from that, they also contribute to your home’s energy efficiency and help you cut back on energy expenses. Their function, however, doesn’t end there. Some window types, such as egress windows, work specifically for your own safety.

Egress windows are placed in specific areas of your home, able to serve as emergency exits when needed. One notable type of egress window is the egress casement window. WMGB Home Improvement, the expert in window installation in Grand Rapids, MI, lists down the things you need to know about this specific window type:

1. Egress Casement Windows

They are side-hinged windows that provides the same performance as ordinary egress windows while taking up very minimal wall space. They feature a crank at the bottom of the window, allowing you to “crank open” or close your window. They also feature a locking mechanism that makes them one of the most energy-efficient window options available.

2. Special Feature

Our egress windows in Lansing, MI, feature a special operator arm, allowing them to open wider than standard windows. This special egress hardware is not present in all casement windows. When choosing a basement window for your home, it’s best to check for this feature as they must meet Michigan building codes.

3. Suitable Rooms

The window’s requirement of small space to operate makes it perfect for basements and other areas with limited space. You can use our egress casement windows and our Astro In-Swing windows as replacement for regular basement windows. This helps you save time and money compared to cutting an entire opening in your basement wall.

4. Style Options

Finding one that suits your needs is easy with the wide range of styles available for our egress windows. You’ll have no trouble finding the style that best suits your home.

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