Insulation Removal & Installation: Not a DIY Job

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One of the biggest incentives for homeowners who are thinking about replacing the old insulation in their home is saving money. After all, proper insulation creates more even indoor comfort throughout the entire house, but one of the biggest benefits is that you’ll lower your energy costs by running your heating and cooling systems less often.

So if you’re in a “money-saving” frame of mind, it’s not surprising that you might be wondering just how hard it could be to remove the old attic insulation in your home and install new insulation. Couldn’t you save even more money that way?

While your upfront costs will probably be lower, here’s why you should think twice before attempting to turn a job best left to the professionals into a DIY home improvement project.

Old Insulation Removal Is Often a Hazardous Job

The longer your home’s insulation has been around, whether it’s attic, exterior wall, or crawlspace insulation, the more likely it is to be full of contaminants. Over the years, your insulation can attract animal waste, mold, dust, dirt, and more. Some older insulation types, like vermiculite, are likely to contain asbestos.

If you haven’t been trained on the proper techniques for removing and disposing of old insulation, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk by introducing contaminants into the circulating air in your home. 

Spray Foam Insulation Is Hazardous to Install

There are also health risks when it comes to insulation installation. Spray foam insulation is a common insulation material, and it’s popular for a number of reasons, including that it:

  • Slows heat transfer and prevents air leaks
  • Acts as a moisture barrier against water leaks
  • Has a superior R-value compared to other insulation types

But the truly effective spray foam insulation isn’t the kind you buy in a can at the hardware store. Professional spray foam insulation is installed by trained experts wearing protective gear, and there is a long list of safety checklist procedures they must follow. In fact, if you have spray foam insulation installed in your home, it’s likely that you’ll need to vacate it for a day or two in order to let any dangerous chemicals dissipate while the insulation cures.

There are a number of real benefits to installing spray foam insulation in your home, but unfortunately, it’s not a job you can just look up a YouTube explainer video for and knock-out in an afternoon.

There’s No Quality Guarantee with Your DIY Insulation Job

Just like the saying “a chain is only as good as its weakest link,” your home’s new insulation is only as good as its least-insulated area. Heat has a sneaky way of finding the easiest way into or out of a home, and if you haven’t properly insulated all of the hard-to-reach areas of your home, you’re still going to suffer from comfort and energy efficiency problems.

Plus, a proper insulation job always includes air sealing—closing up the cracks and gaps in your home where air can travel in and out of your home. Many insulation types are great for slowing heat transfer, but their effectiveness is significantly diminished by air movement. That means that if you’ve gone through all the trouble of putting in new insulation, but you didn’t properly air seal and find all the tiny cracks and gaps in your home’s exterior, you’re likely to be disappointed in the results.

Trust Your Home’s Insulation with the Professionals at WMGB

Insulation installation isn’t as easy as it might seem at first glance! There are health hazards to consider in both removing old insulation and installing new insulation. Attic and crawlspace insulation might be mostly visible and accessible to you, but how will you address your exterior insulation that’s hidden away behind walls?

At WMGB Home Improvement, our team of home performance experts has completed a combined 3,000+ home retrofits throughout the state of Michigan. We have the experience and expertise needed to do the job correctly, ensuring that all through fall, winter, spring, and summer, your insulation will be benefiting your home.

If you’ve decided to upgrade your home’s insulation, it’s better to make sure it’s done right. Call us or contact WMGB Home Improvement to get started by scheduling a home energy audit.

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