Insulation Solutions to Seal Air Leaks around the House

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Without proper insulation, your investment in energy efficiency will be worth nothing. Your energy-saving fixtures at home won’t perform as well as they should if you can’t control the outdoor heat from entering and your conditioned indoor air from escaping.


When it comes to home insulation in Grand Rapids, MI, trust WMGB Home Improvement. We provide a one-stop shop experience to end every insulation issue in your home.

Home Energy Auditing

If you experience discomfort due to inconsistent indoor temperatures but feel your HVAC system isn’t to blame, we are the team to call to evaluate the insulation levels in all parts of your home. We perform meticulous home energy audits to see if the issue is really insulation-related.

If it is, we’ll pinpoint problem areas around your house. Once these energy inefficiencies are identified, we can suggest the best solutions to put a permanent fix on your insulation headaches. For this, you can rely on our professional team to accurately evaluate your home. We use advanced tools and equipment and are adept in the latest ways to locate air leaks that are otherwise hard to find.

From Crawl Space to Attic

Two areas most vulnerable to insulation problems are your crawl space and attics. As local building codes don’t necessarily set insulation requirements, many builders tend to pay less attention to this matter. In the end, your fixtures become inefficient and you feel regular discomfort with seasonal changes.

Our team is proficient at dealing with any part of the house, but we put a premium on these two areas. We know what it takes to encapsulate crawl spaces right to keep your floor comfortably warm, and provide blow-in insulation in Grand Rapids, MI, to seal leaks of all sizes effectively.

Air Leaks and More

Be it visible cracks on the wall or tiny duct holes, we can seal any opening that affects your level of comfort. In turn, this will reduce your energy consumption and provide you savings in the long run.

In addition, we provide outstanding ice dam prevention in Grand Rapids, MI, and ultimately avoid this serious hazard from compromising your house’s structural integrity. This way, you can better protect your home against the threats of water damage.

If you’re looking for a trusted insulation company, look no further than WMGB Home Improvement. We are all you need to give your house the comfort of a real home. Call us now at (616) 226-8580 and tell us how we can help you.

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