Not-So New Kid on the Block: The Revival of Glass Block Windows

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Glass block windows reached the height of their popularity back in the 1960s and 1970s, only to have their fame considerably wane around the 1980s. However, you may have noticed that these have been making a slow but steady comeback into the architectural scene as of late.

Not-So New Kid on the Block: The Revival of Glass Block Windows

WMGB Home Improvement talks about the resurgence of glass block windows and why these undulating, fragmented patterns encased in glass are cool once again.

The Glass Block Window Renaissance

Glass blocks windows, also known as glass brick windows, have been around since the early 1900s when they were first used in factories as a source of natural lighting. They fell out of the general public’s favor around the time when neon-accented interiors became popular, a trend that was typically accented by glass block windows. Recent architectural trends, however, have been seeing more homeowners incorporate glass bricks into their residential properties as windows, a step above and beyond for what these once-vilified decor were used.

Glass block windows haven’t always been notorious for being gaudy. In fact, glass bricks are prominent features of various top billing haute couture fashion houses, including Maison Hermès in Tokyo, making them high fashion by association.

Glass Block Windows Today

Today, glass blocks are used primarily as basement and bathroom windows as they offer the perfect blend of security and energy efficiency. On top of that, glass block windows greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home when installed around the prominent parts of the house, such as the by the entry doors. You have a variety of styles to choose from depending on how much diffused light and visibility levels you want to achieve. The designs include clear, wavy, frosted and diamond-patterned glass blocks.

Glass block windows are making a comeback, but this time, they’re here to stay. Turn to WMGB Home Improvement for energy-efficient, on-trend windows. You may call us at (616) 328-6625 to find out more about how you can utilize glass block windows to your home’s advantage. We serve Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI.

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