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Popular Window Frame Materials and Their Benefits

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Homeowners have many options when shopping for replacement windows. The experts at WMGB Home Improvement can help you choose the best products for your home. Here is an overview of three popular window frame materials and their benefits.

Popular Window Frame Materials and Their Benefits


Vinyl is perhaps the most popular window material. This is due, in large part, to its high value and low cost. It has good resistance against heat transfer and offers superior insulation. It is affordable and strong, and provides exceptional energy savings. With moderate to high R-values, it helps reduce heating and cooling costs. This window material is scratch-resistant and is easy to clean. You don’t need special cleaning tools to keep your windows in pristine condition.


Fiberglass is becoming more accepted as a window frame material. People initially thought that fiberglass lacked strength and resistance to extreme temperatures. Today, these myths have been disproved, and fiberglass is now a popular alternative to vinyl. Fiberglass is moisture resistant, so it doesn’t rot, corrode or shrink and swell.

Unlike vinyl, fiberglass is easy to paint, giving you a lot of aesthetic freedom. It comes in a wide variety of custom, color-through colors. Fiberglass windows can also hold larger glass areas better than vinyl replacement windows.


Wood is a popular material for custom window jobs that require unique designs. Wood, when painted, can match any home exterior color. It needs regular painting, though, to avoid chipping and exposure that can lead to rot. Wood windows add value and traditional appeal to homes.

Compared to aluminum and plastic windows, wooden ones provide better overall insulation. A wood frame does not attract condensation as a metal frame does. Wood also has the smallest coefficient of expansion among all window frame materials.

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