Promoting Innovation to Combat Energy and Climate Challenges

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Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, energy supplies have become more accessible and affordable. This has led to a rapid growth in the global economy, making new opportunities for businesses and raising lifestyle standards. In more recent years, however, the surge in demand for fossil fuels is creating worldwide tension and uncertainty about their availability and cost. Additionally, greenhouse gas emissions from this source are damaging our environment and causing permanent changes to the global climate.

The City of Holland is leading efforts to embrace sustainability and make energy more reliable and affordable for the community. They also aim to improve competition among companies while nurturing a greener planet. Let WMGB Home Improvement, your top provider of glass block windows in Grand Rapids, MI, discuss the issues regarding energy and climate change.

Rising Global Energy Demand

Fossil fuels are finite, leading to economic uncertainty and pressure on leaders to look for other sources that can meet the growing demand for energy. Fortunately, the development of new sources such as natural gas is currently creating a balance to the tightness of oil supplies. Recent advances in technology are also making clean and abundant energy more accessible to meet global demand.

The City of Holland supports these changes and prepares to adapt to the latest technologies, market trends, and public opinion. As their partner for change, we also take innovative steps in the construction of our glass block windows in Lansing, MI.

Energy and National Competitiveness

The way people use energy is important because it affects its costs on a larger scale. Home and company owners who adopt more energy-efficient options help modernize and grow the industry and promote competition that lower energy prices.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Energy use accounts for a huge part of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Top climate scientists ascribe the rise in average global temperatures to bigger use of fossil fuel, along with forestry and land changes.

With these issues in mind, it’s important to take a step in promoting sustainability and reliance on energy-efficient products. Build a greener home with our quality glass block in Lansing, MI. It can help you save energy and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Call us today at (616) 226-8580 to learn more about this product.

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