Simple Steps to Take When Dealing With a Broken Window

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Your window may break at some point. Whether it is caused by severe weather or an errant object like a baseball, this problem requires immediate attention. Apart from the scattered bits and shards of glass that may cause injuries for anyone inside the home, a broken window exposes your indoors to the harsh elements, affecting your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. So, you must immediately deal with the issue before it gets worse.

Put Some Gloves On Your Hands

Don’t examine the broken window with your bare hands – you might cut yourself if you do so. Put on a pair of heavy-duty work gloves as a precaution. If the damage only involves a crack with no missing glass, gently press on the area to make sure it is not loose enough to fall out.

Cover the Cracked Glass

Cover the crack with a piece of clear packing tape if you feel the glass still holds on to the frame. Do the same on the opposite side of the pane. Make sure entire tape pieces stick to the glass by rubbing them with your fingernail to smoothen out air bubbles.

Pick Out the Loose Glass Bits and Shards

Sometimes, regular or glass block windows can sustain so much damage that broken glass ends up coming loose off the frame. If that is the case, search for glass shards as soon as possible. Again, use your heavy-duty work gloves to scoop them out, disposing of them promptly. Then, measure the area that needs to be covered. For better safety and security, you can cover the whole pane or panel with the broken glass using a thick clear plastic sheet or a sturdy trash bag.

These steps can be done if you are not ready to replace your windows. In the event you want to take this step, consider replacement windows from WMGB Home Improvement. We install units that are specifically designed to provide maximum energy efficiency while giving your home a boost in terms of curb appeal.

Turn to us for your glass block windows and other home improvement needs as well. Call (616) 243-3700, or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve residents of Grand Rapid and Lansing, MI.

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