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Sunroom Windows: Considerations to Keep in Mind

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When it comes to renovating your sunroom, one of your top priorities should be finding the right window. Note that sunrooms are all about glass, from the top of the ceiling down to the floor. As such, you want your choice to go well with the aesthetics of the space, which requires a smooth transition both externally and internally.

WMGB Home Improvement, your local provider of glass block windows and other window styles, provides you with considerations to keep in mind when searching for the best sunroom window.

Desired Features

Sunroom windows should have an impenetrable seal. This is crucial if you want to give your home a boost in terms of energy efficiency. An intact seal blocks any drafts or moisture from ever entering the sunroom’s interior, which may cause your comfort levels to plummet.

Another feature you need to consider is the window’s R-value. One of the common issues with sunrooms is the ultraviolet (UV) radiation coming from the sun, which causes furniture to fade. Consider windows with the R-value of 4.0, which doesn’t only block unwanted UV rays, but they also allow enough light to brighten up the indoors.

Of course, you need to look for the window type that fits sunrooms well. They should be thicker and stronger than ordinary windows. At WGMB Home Improvement, we recommend glass block windows, which you can install as an accent or as a standalone fixture in any part of your sunroom.

Our Glass Block Windows

Often installed in bathrooms and basements, glass block windows also work well as an indoor partition wall, such as in sunrooms. They have good insulating abilities and are especially suited for ventilated areas that require more sunlight. Whether they have clear, colored, patterned or etched designs, expect these fixtures to add style to your sunroom.

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