The Advantages & Disadvantages of Glass Block Windows

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If you’re looking to replace the windows in your Western Michigan home, you have a variety of different options and styles to choose from. One of the kinds of windows you might be looking at for your home improvement project are glass block windows.

Like any other window style, glass block windows have a number of pros and cons, depending on where they’re going to be installed and the priorities of the homeowner. Is glass block the right style for you? Let’s lay out the disadvantages and advantages to help you with this important decision for your Kalamazoo home.

Glass Block Window Advantages

Energy Efficiency

Because of how thick they are, glass block windows insulate and offer thermal protection that’s superior to single pane windows and comparable to double pane models. But from a construction standpoint, glass block windows tend to be more airtight than traditional vinyl windows, which can help you save money and use less energy in your home.

Green Building Credits

Many standard glass block windows meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines, which can be a huge asset if creating and living in a sustainable or green home is one of your priorities. 

Year-Round Comfort

Some glass block windows use low-emissivity glass, which reduces the amount of heat that can pass through the window. In the summer, this will help keep heat from the sun out of your house, but in the winter, it will help prevent heat from escaping. These windows can be used as a year-round comfort solution for your Grand Rapids or Holland home.

Increased Privacy and Security

Glass block windows offer plenty of natural light, but because they aren’t completely see-through, they provide lots of privacy as well! This is one of the reasons why you’ll see glass block walls or glass block showers—they are versatile and homeowners use them for many different purposes.


Homeowners often turn to glass block windows for their basement, like in their window wells, because they tend to be more waterproof than traditional windows.

Glass Block Window Disadvantages


Unlike most traditional vinyl windows, glass block windows don’t open, close, or move. Once they’re installed, they’re there to stay!

No Ventilation

Glass block windows are constructed in a way that doesn’t allow for ventilation, unlike most vinyl windows. If your glass block windows are in a bathroom or other room that experiences higher humidity levels, you’ll want to make sure you have alternative solutions to ventilate humid air out of your home.

Extra Structural Support Needed

Glass blocks are heavy-duty, which can be a real benefit as they offer better security and often require less maintenance. But when installing glass block windows, you’ll need to keep in mind their additional weight. In some parts of your home, extra support may be needed to properly and safely install them.

Let WMGB Find the Perfect Windows for Your Home

At WMGB Home Improvement, we’re big fans of glass block windows—we’ve been installing different glass block window styles for more than 30 years throughout Western Michigan for maximum efficiency, comfort, and curb appeal! We also offer a variety of window options and styles for every home. With every customer, we take the time to listen to your needs and suggest window upgrades that fit your budget to be sure you’ll be satisfied for years and years to come.

Find the right window upgrade for your home. Call 616-226-5558 or contact us to learn more about glass block windows and the other window options WMGB Home Improvement offers.

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