The Advantages of Installing Sliding Windows

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Having trouble picking a style for your new replacement windows? You might want to try looking at installing sliding windows – there are many reasons why they’re one of the most popular window styles on the market. 

Sliding windows

Ease of Use 

Unlike more popular window styles, sliding windows have simple opening mechanisms and are, therefore, easy to open. All it takes to open sliding windows is a gentle push. Sliding windows’ ease of use makes them a great addition for hard-to-reach areas in your home like the space above your kitchen sink, for instance. 

Ease of Maintenance 

Don’t have a lot of time for window maintenance? Thanks to their simple, easy-to-use opening mechanisms, sliding windows have fewer maintenance needs than other popular types of windows. When cleaning your sliding windows, what you need to pay attention to are the tracks and corners of the window panels. 

Buying tip: if you want to reduce your new windows’ maintenance needs as much as possible, vinyl replacement windows would be a good choice. Vinyl windows have the lowest maintenance needs on the market. 

Great Views and Design Flexibility

Sliding windows’ designs are relatively simple. As such, they complement a wide variety of designs and provide more expansive views of the scenery outside. As a rule of thumb, the less intricate your windows’ design is, the wider their glass area, and the better the view of your backyard is. 

Buying tip: sliding windows’ wide glass panels come with a drawback: There’s a higher risk heat can escape through the glass surface. That’s why you should look for the ENERGY STAR® logo. Only windows that have been independently tested and verified to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s energy performance standards have this logo. 

One more thing: make sure to vet a contractor before hiring them. Here’s a vetting tip: the longer a contractor has been working in the industry, the higher their level of expertise. 

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