The Great Features That Make Windows Energy-Efficient

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When it comes to window upgrades for energy efficiency, be sure to pay attention to features. As thermal windows don’t just become efficient by accident, you should look and scrutinize the elements that make them deliver exceptional energy performance.

Window guide from the Pros

As the authority in window replacement in Muskegon, MI, WMGB Home Improvement can help you decide how you pick the right products in the name of energy efficiency. Here are the three prime factors that make windows energy-saving units:

Glass Technology

The primary responsible for your window’s insulating power is the glass. You may not tell glass solutions apart by simply looking, but a lot of science actually goes into developing a high-performance thermal window. Efficient products have these features in common:

  • Double Glazing – Dual-paned windows are generally the standard in energy efficiency these days is because they provide a space in between the glass sheets for the insulating gas to minimize heat transfer.
  • Argon Gas Fill – Argon is one of the more popular inert gases used in the market for its excellence in counteracting heat and cold conduction. Colorless, odorless, non-flammable, and non-toxic, argon poses no hazard at home and doesn’t affect the window’s clarity.
  • Low-Emissivity Coating – Low-E coating serves as a skin of protection for replacement windows in Kalamazoo, MI to keep unpleasant infrared and damaging UV rays from the sun out. As this type of reflective coating is spectral and selective, it neither blocks visible light nor darkens the window glass.

Frame Material

Other than the glass, the very material used for the frame and the sashes likewise play key roles in insulation. Considering the diverse selection of materials on the market, each one has a unique insulating property. For instance, our vinyl replacement windows in Grand Rapids, MI, are better heat insulators than the traditional wooden fixtures.


Lastly, the style of your window also affects your home’s energy efficiency. Some designs are just naturally better at minimize air leakage than others. For example, the casement and awning styles best double-hung and sliding windows in preventing air infiltration.

Be sure to consult WMGB Home Improvement now at (616) 226-8580 to discuss your needs and know your best options. Let us show you how energy-efficient our products are. You’ll be sure that they will benefit your home in terms of comfort and energy savings.

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