The Process of Blown-in Insulation

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An increase in your energy costs could be due to poor attic insulation. An efficient way to deal with this is to insulate your attic with blown-in insulation. At WMGB Home Improvement, we specialize in home insulation. We discuss the process behind blown-in insulation as well as its benefits.

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What is Blown-in Insulation?

There are two types of blown-in insulation: cellulose and fiberglass. They are often used in conjunction with air leak sealing, as air leaks contribute to a home’s energy loss. An average attic has an R-value of 20 or lower and insulating it with an R-49 or higher insulation is highly recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy.

How Does Blown-in Insulation Work?

We start the blown-in insulation process by sealing gaps and crevices around plumbing pipes, ceilings, and areas where electrical wires are located. We then pull away your roof’s existing insulation to position and staple the new vent chute in place to extend 6” into the overhang.

Afterward, we cover the attic hatch with a pillow of fiberglass insulation. We also measure up from the drywall and use a permanent marker to mark the level every few trusses, until we reach your desired level of insulation. Once we’ve made the necessary preparations, we fill the blower with crumbled and compressed cellulose or fiberglass, then fill the marked areas with insulation.

The Benefits of Blown-in Insulation

Insulating your attic through this process will help lessen the amount of heat that builds up in the area. This will help increase your home’s comfort levels, keeping you from using your HVAC units excessively, leading to more savings. This also prolongs your roof’s service life as excessive heat can fry your roofing shingle, wearing it down fast.

Whether you’re in need of home insulation or an ice dam removal service, count on WMGB Home Improvement to meet your needs. We are also a leading provider of energy-efficient windows that will make your home more livable and beautiful. We serve Grand Rapids, MI, and nearby areas. Call us today at (616) 328-6625 for more information about our services.

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