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Top Window Replacement Project Mistakes to Avoid

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It’s important to get your window replacement done right the first time. Even the highest quality vinyl replacement windows cannot showcase their full performance if they are not installed properly. Mistakes during the window replacement process can affect your home’s comfort, appearance and energy efficiency for many years. WMGB Home Improvement discusses the window replacement mistakes that you need to avoid:

Window Replacement Project

  • Focusing Solely on Costs – The initial cost of a window replacement project is important, but the overall cost of owning the windows is perhaps more important. Consider the energy savings provided by the windows, the cost of maintaining them over their service life and more. Choosing high-quality replacement windows can save you money because they work better, and they require less maintenance.

  • Not Considering Intangible Effects – Savings on your energy bills and on maintenance are tangible and noticeable. These are not the only benefits of getting our replacement windows, however. Energy-efficient windows can improve your home’s indoor comfort level by keeping the temperature stable. Higher quality windows, such as triple-pane windows, can help reduce energy bills over the long-term.  New windows can also make your home look more appealing, provide natural light and improve ventilation. Weigh all the benefits of getting new windows when planning your window replacement.

  • Not Studying Your Window Glazing Options – Energy-efficient windows have certain ratings that you can use to compare their performance. Certain window products can provide more natural light than others at the cost of lower energy efficiency and vice versa, for instance. You need to do your research and study window performance labels to get the best windows for your home.

You can rely on WMGB Home Improvement for all of your window replacement needs because of our decades of experience, great products and focus on flawless customer service. We perform all of the work ourselves rather than pass it on to subcontractors, so we can guarantee the quality of our workmanship and service. We serve many areas in Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Muskegon. Call us at (616) 328-6625 to learn more about our services and products. You can also ask for a free quote.

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