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What Makes a Healthy Home?

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Now more than ever, your home is a place to take care of your family in comfort and safety. Even prior to 2020, most Americans spent as much as 70% of their time indoors. Keeping this home environment safe, comfortable, and healthy means making sure that your home’s systems are performing well.

But in reality, this is hard to do—in fact, indoor air has 2-5 times the pollutant levels as outdoor air. So what can you do to improve your Michigan home’s indoor air quality and create a healthy home for your family?

Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation and Air Sealing

One key to healthier inside air and ensuring your home performs properly is the combination of air sealing and insulation, which can help block outside air pollutants from getting in and make it easier to control humidity levels, which will help prevent mold growth. Once the gaps and cracks are sealed in your attic and walls, your insulation will also perform to its intended specifications, keeping you more comfortable and reducing indoor drafts and uneven temperatures in your house.

Protecting the lowest parts of your home with crawl space encapsulation and basement insulation can also prevent moisture intrusion and water damage and reduce allergens and unhealthy air from seeping into your house and making their way up into your living spaces. 

The Best First Step Toward Creating a Healthy Home

But how do you know which areas of your Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo house could benefit from home improvement upgrades? You can identify the issues creating an energy inefficient and unhealthy home with an energy audit from the pros at WMGB Home Improvement. 

What Does a Home Energy Audit Reveal?

With more than 6,000 home energy audits completed throughout the state of Michigan, WMGB Home Improvement has the expertise needed to evaluate your home’s performance and identify areas that could be improved. Our energy audit is a comprehensive review of your home, from attic to crawl space, using state-of-the-art testing devices. One important audit element is the blower door fan test. While the fan helps lower air pressure in your home, our auditor will use an infrared thermal camera to pinpoint where air leaks and insufficient insulation are hiding behind your floors, walls, and ceilings. Insulation replacement is often the first step to a healthier home.

Keep Healthy and Save Money with WMGB

Many of the problems that contribute to unhealthy indoor air also increase your energy costs. This means that the work you schedule to make your home healthier will likely reduce your ongoing monthly heating and cooling costs as well. Upgrades like insulation and air sealing and crawlspace encapsulation from WMGB Home Improvement will continue to benefit your family for years and years to come, so you can breathe easier and lighten the load on your wallet at the same time!

Looking for a healthy home energy audit near you? Getting started is as simple as calling WMGB Home Improvement! Call 616-226-5558 or contact us today to learn more.

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