What to Look for in a Storm Door

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The Midwest climate can be especially harsh on your exterior, which is why installing storm doors would be a good idea. Storm doors are installed on your front door and help protect it from harsh weather as well as provide steady ventilation indoors. 

So, what are the things you should look for in a storm door? 

Strom doors installation


Naturally, storm doors should be durable enough to resist wear and tear. Storm doors are usually made from fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum or steel, all of which are durable materials. If you’re looking for storm doors, here’s a buying tip: the thickness of a storm door gives you a good idea of its level of quality and durability. Thin storm doors are usually the first to suffer cracks and dents. 


Everyone knows how frigid the winters in the Midwest can be. That’s why your storm doors should be insulated. Modern storm doors usually have foam insulation located in the doors’ inner layers. 

Removable Panels 

Modern storm doors also come with removable panels, which can be changed out every season. Glass panels are for protecting your entry doors from freezing temperatures in late fall and winter. Screen panels, on the other hand, make sure your interior is well-ventilated in summer and spring while keeping bugs and pests out. Some storm doors also have panels made of both screen and glass. 

To improve your storm door’s energy efficiency, choose storm doors with low-emissivity glass coatings. Storm doors with glass coatings can significantly reduce a household’s energy consumption by as much as 50% in certain situations, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.   

Security Features 

Laminated glass, security grilles and a multi-point locking system can help protect your home from unwanted guests. To learn more about security features that can help protect your home, you can consult an experienced contractor. 

WMGB Home Improvement has been providing a wide variety of premium doors and windows, including storm and patio door options, to local residents since 1984. To get a free quote, call us at (616) 243-3700, or fill out our form here. We serve homeowners in Grand Rapids, MI, as well as the surrounding communities.     

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