Why Is My Second Floor So Hot in the Summer?

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Is the second floor in your home really hot compared to the bottom floor in the summer? A building science concept called “the stack effect” is likely at work!

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Why Does Air Move Through Your Home?

Hot air is less dense than cold air, so because of these pressure differentials, cold air tends to fall while hot air tends to rise, even if your windows are closed.

In a multi-story building like your home, there are often small cracks and gaps called air leaks that make this air movement, which is called the stack effect, more pronounced.

How the Stack Effect Works in the Summer

  1. When the air is hot outside, cooler air inside your home sinks and exits through holes and cracks in your basement or crawl space.
  2. Because of the negative pressure, warm air is then drawn in through air leaks at the very top of your home.
  3. That warm air is concentrated around your attic and second floor, creating an upstairs that’s too hot compared to the rest of your house.

How the Stack Effect Works in the Winter

When the weather outside is cold, the process is the same but reversed—warmer air generated by your heating system rises, escaping through your attic, pulling colder air in through the bottom areas of your house.

How to Cool Your Second Floor in the Summer 

To prevent your second floor from getting too hot, you need to reduce the stack effect in your home by adding insulation and air sealing to plug up the leaks letting air in and out of your house.

The Benefits of Air Sealing and Insulating Your Home

Home performance upgrades from WMGB Home Improvement will make your Western Michigan home’s second floor cooler in the summer, but they’ll also:

  • Lower your heating and cooling bills
  • Prevent outdoor air pollution from entering your home
  • Make your whole home quieter and more comfortable year-round

Solve your second-floor woes with air sealing and insulation upgrades. Call 616-226-5558 or contact us today to schedule a home energy audit with WMGB Home Improvement.

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