Window Styles Best for Maximizing the View

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From the perspective of an outsider, windows merely have to be pretty or aesthetically pleasing to be considered “good”. But from the inside looking out, windows have to be so much more. As a prominent feature of any house, windows should showcase the outside view to the occupants inside just as much as it showcases your home to the onlookers.

Window Styles Best for Maximizing the View

One of the primary purposes of a good window is to let in enough light to brighten up the house interior. Below are some window styles, whether installed as the original or as replacement windows, that serve this purpose.

Double-Hung Windows

With two sashes that can be opened vertically, double-hung windows offer decent views. They come in standard sizes ranging from 24 x 24 inches up to 48 x 48 inches. The width and length are optimized so the window won’t be too high up to open or close. A lower-cost alternative is the single-hung type since only the bottom sash can be mobilized.

Sliding Windows

The horizontal counterpart of double-hung windows, sliding windows are wider and therefore provide a larger glass area. Standard sizes start from 36 inches up to 84 inches in width while the standard height starts at 24 inches until 60 inches. Both width and height have increments of 12 inches. They’re best paired with vinyl replacement windows for maximum durability.

Bay and Bow Windows

Among the best choices for picturesque openings, bay and bow windows add to the architectural and functional value of any home. Bay windows usually consist of three panels, protruding from the wall like a boxed structure. The extra space created by the extension is usually utilized as a window seat, providing a cozy spot from which you can look outside. Bow windows are less angular; they’re arched and can have up to eight panels, which allowing them to span two corners of a home.

Picture Windows

Equally stunning in its simplicity, picture windows are stationary and can be as large as 8 feet in width and height. They let in the most amount of light and provide excellent views of the outdoors.

Final Notes

The capacity of any window style to offer a view is only relative and should be proportional to the size of the home itself. On top of that, materials used should also be considered. For example, picture windows should have the most energy-efficient glass installed as they let in a lot of sunlight.

For all that a window can do to improve the curb appeal and functionality of any home, it’s only as good as the way it has been installed. Contact WMGB Home Improvement at (616) 328-6625 for services you can trust. We also specialize in egress window systems. We have been in the windows business for more than 30 years and counting. WMGB Home Improvement serves Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, MI.

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