With warm, sunny summers and four beautiful seasons, Michiganders often feel fortunate to call Michigan home, and Wyoming is no exception! Whether you’re enjoying a Saturday in Millennium Park or just a delicious dozen of Marge’s Donuts with loved ones, life is good in the Great Lake State.

Still, our state’s persistent humidity and temperature fluctuations mean Michigan home windows, insulation, and more have to be well-maintained to keep Wyoming families comfortable year-round. 

WMGB is Your Trusted Source for Window Services Near You

Since 1984, WMGB Home Improvement has been working alongside Michigan homeowners to find affordable and long-term west Michigan window solutions. Our experienced, local installers can help you upgrade your home’s efficiency, curb appeal, and comfort with:

Wyoming Home Energy Audits & Efficiency Solutions

Do any of these home issues sound familiar in your Wyoming home?

  • Ice dams
  • Drafts
  • Really high heating and cooling costs
  • Cold floors
  • Hot second story

Each of these symptoms and others can be indicative that your home is inefficient. Fortunately, WMGB Home Performance can help you boost your home’s performance and help you say goodbye to inefficiency with a Home Energy Audit!

A Home Energy Audit is a diagnostic service during which our experts will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s building envelope, systems, and more, to identify any and all points of inefficiency in your Wyoming home.

After completing your Home Energy Audit, we’ll offer a variety of targeted solutions to help you reduce energy waste in your house. You can rest assured that WMGB will never pressure you to take any steps that aren’t in the best interest of your family and your budget—you’ll choose how you’d like to move forward.

Wyoming, MI Insulation and Home Energy Solutions

One of the most important home improvements a Wyoming homeowner can make is upgrading their home building envelope with insulation and air sealing.

Insulation can help you maintain your home’s comfort by reducing heat flow into and out of your house. Air sealing eliminates tiny gaps and cracks throughout your home that can lead to drafts, heat loss, and poor indoor air quality (IAQ) for you and your loved ones.

For your health and comfort, WMGB offers a variety of insulation services and materials, including: 

To keep homes energy efficient, WMGB installs insulation all around your home too!

Boost your Wyoming home’s efficiency and start saving money ASAP! Call 616-226-5558 or contact us online today to get started. 

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