Holland Energy Program

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Looking to improve your Holland, MI home’s comfort, health, safety, and lower your energy bills? The Holland Energy Program is a special local world class incentive where Holland homeowners can take advantage of significant rebates and savings on home improvement work. Combined with additional local incentives, you can get approximately half-off! With WMGB Home Improvement, you can receive:

  • 20% rebate grant from the Holland Energy Fund
  • Average energy savings of 15%-25%
  • Semco & BPW rebates up to $6,500
  • Increased home value (at least 5%) with Pearl Certification
  • Easy on-bill financing through the BPW starting at 4.99%
  • Make your home healthy, comfortable, and safe

As the leading insulation contractor in Holland, MI, and a Michigan Contractor of the Year Award winner, WMGB Home Improvement has partnered with the Holland Energy Program and can help you receive up to half-off in Holland home grants and insulation rebates! Our team is responsible for 85% of the total home improvement work completed under the Holland Energy Retrofit Program, so reach out to the insulation company Holland, MI homeowners trust! 

How You Can Benefit from the Holland Home Retrofit Program?

Financial Rewards – Each qualified property will be eligible for a 20% grant and as much as $3,000 in rebates from Semco and BPW, up to $6,500 in total!

Financing Options – There are several options for payment, including the Holland Energy Fund’s On-Bill Loan Program. The Residential Energy Advisor can help you decide which is best for your situation.

Energy SavingsReach out to our Pearl Certified team today to find out just how much you could save. Possibly 15%-25% on your utility bills.

Covers Many Energy Efficiency Improvements – The HER program works with any item listed in the Michigan Energy Measures Database as well as many renewable energy upgrades for qualifying houses — talk to our team today to see if the work you need is covered!

Contractors are Authorized by Michigan Saves – Select your contractor from experienced, qualified professionals, including WMGB—our team was recently awarded Michigan’s Contractor of the Year Award by Gov. Rick Snyder, and we’ve completed a combined 6,000+ home energy audit and 3,000+ retrofits throughout the state!

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Lower Utility Bills – Efficiency upgrades will decrease your energy consumption and your utility bills.

Free Healthy Home Assessment and Energy Audit Included  – A free home energy audit gives you an understanding of your home’s energy efficiency, health environment, and provides a prescription for the necessary improvements.

Expert Guidance – A City of Holland Residential Energy Advisor, Ken Freestone, coaches you through the process of determining and implementing an energy efficiency improvement plan and provides healthy healthy home recommendations.

Increased Home Comfort – Beat Michigan’s winter cold and summer heat with comfort solutions tailored specifically for your home.

Support a Sustainable Environment – Making changes to your home now will help sustain our environment for the future.

Increase Your Home’s Value with Pearl Certification

Not only will you reduce your energy bills and improve your comfort with home retrofit work from WMGB, but we’re also the only participating contractor in the Holland Energy Program whose work is Pearl Certified. Pearl Certification verifies the increased energy efficiency of our home improvement work, and having your home certified has been shown to actually increase the value by 5% of your home.

Do I Qualify for the Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program (HER)?

Yes, if…

  • You are a homeowner in the City of Holland, MI.
  • You schedule a whole-house energy audit and implement an energy efficiency improvement plan using an authorized insulation contractor near you like WMGB Home Improvement.

Here are a few of the home upgrades that qualify for rebates:

Contact WMGB Home Improvement to learn more about how you can benefit from this innovative program for residents of Holland, MI and schedule an healthy home assessment and energy audit near you today. We’ll walk you through the entire process and show you how you can get up to $6,500 in grants and rebates on your home improvement project.

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