3 Areas Where Glass Block Windows Work Best in Your Home

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Glass block windows are timeless. While they exude a distinctive retro allure, they’re a popular alternative to traditional windows in contemporary spaces.

Glass Block Window

As the premier source of stylish, high-quality glass block windows in Grand Rapids, MI, WMGB Home Improvement is thrilled to share with you the top home areas where these fixtures work best. This architectural feature is versatile enough to enhance any room, but glass block design never fails to shine in these particular spaces:

You can never go wrong with glass blocks in your bathroom. Compared to conventional window styles, glass blocks provide you maximum daylighting without sacrificing privacy. It naturally has a sufficient amount of blurring to let you bathe blissfully in your tub—and plenty of sunshine—in peace.

Whether you substitute them for ordinary bathroom windows or use them as dividers, glass blocks add a dramatic sense of openness and a touch of class to your personal oasis. As they blend perfectly with wooden accents and curved surfaces, an elegant glass block design makes a bold statement.

Living Room
Incorporating a sleek glass block into your modern living room means abundant illumination with high-performance energy efficiency. The insulating power of glass block windows in Lansing, MI, is about equal to standard double pane windows.

Their very manufacturing process prevents the occurrence of fogging inside the glass blocks. With exceptional installation and little maintenance, the chances of air and water infiltration can be reduced to zero. Indeed, the use of glass blocks is a great solution to help prevent heat transfer and keep an optimal indoor climate with less energy.

Specialty Rooms
As you can use a glass block in Lansing, MI, virtually anywhere, you can optimize it to add more function to your specialty rooms. For instance, adding glass blocks to the walls of your home gym not only gives you natural lighting, but also transparency. You can easily see when someone’s on the other side while keeping your level of privacy and security high.

Let your imagination run wild and use glass blocks to bring your dream interior and exterior design to life. Call WMGB Home Improvement now at (616) 226-8580 and let’s get your project started.

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