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3 Important Things to Know About Egress Windows

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Unlike other projects, basement remodeling involves stricter building codes. For instance, local regulations won’t allow a basement bedroom without an egress window. While it eliminates the dark feel that is usual in earlier finishes, it also promotes your safety. It serves as an accessible entry or exit that you can use in case of emergencies.

Egress Windows

To spare you from issues in the long run, WMGB Home Improvement discusses everything you need to know about egress windows:

Size Requirements

Egress windows have specific size requirements to ensure easy access. If you have an old house, make sure that you keep it up to code for everyone’s safety. According to the International Code Council (ICC) criteria, egress windows require a minimum height of 24 inches and a minimum width of 20 inches. They also need at least 5.7 square feet for their net clear opening and no higher than 44 inches above the floor for their sill height. If your window well depth is more than 44 inches, you need to integrate a permanent ladder.

Window Styles

It’s important that you can operate your egress window from the inside without tools or keys for it to serve its purpose. Furthermore, it must provide an opening wide enough to crawl through, even when it’s ajar.

Casement windows are an ideal type since they don’t occupy that much wall space. They also swing to the sides, allowing for easy escape. You can also install double-hung windows, though they require more height. This is because when they’re open, there is still glass that’s blocking half the opening. When unsure of your choices, WMGB Home Improvement is always more than glad to walk you through your possible options.


Apart from increased safety and daylighting, egress windows also add value to your home since they’re a key to keeping your home up to code. Furthermore, they improve your living space’s comfort by providing ample ventilation to keep humidity away. With an array of design options available, egress windows can amp up your home’s aesthetic appeal.

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